How To Reduce Construction Cost While Building Your Home ?

A dream home is everyone’s aspiration. Everyone want their own home where they can cherish their memories. But when people want to make their dream into reality it is very hard to fulfill. Because construction demands a huge cost which requires most of their life’s saving.
That’s why many people find it a large investment of their life. They want to save as much as possible to get optimum value of their price. Also some people go for loans, that's why it is necessary to effectively use the money to get maximum benefit.
Here we are sharing some tips regarding how to save cost while constructing your home. Choosing a plot:- 
This starts while choosing a plot for your home. Always choose a road side plot where transportation facility and communication to every necessary center is possible. Because that can reduce your transportation cost for life time. But many seller are there who takes the opportunity of high demand and sell the road side plots at a very high price. So be careful while…

How To Make Buildings More Energy Efficient ?

Everyone is concerned about environment , so electronics companies trying to create product which saves energy like energy efficient refrigerator, TV, A/C etc. But when it comes to energy efficient building , no one is aware about it. Even if some people know they don’t want to do extra expenses or they have already constructed buildings and don’t know how to make energy efficient already constructed building.

There is hype all around in govt. Sectors that general people are getting cautious about about what is energy efficient building and how to make it. But in reality there is a little awareness about making energy efficient buildings.
Here we are covering some points to make building energy efficient.
The main energy consumption parts in a home are heating, ventilation, air conditioning.If these can be controlled in a proper way then energy of the building can be saved. Energy efficient building construction consists of two parts. One is during construction and another is after const…

How Technology is Changing the Construction Industry-builtify

Since ever human developed and made progress in technological field every sector and industry is changing . From that communication sector is making fast progress followed by construction industry. From the starting of construction , this Industry is using every possible technology of that time. We can say that technology has mostly reshaped the construction industry. But technology alone can not change the future but there are other factors such as economy of the country, average income of people, Rule of the land, availability of raw materials etc.

And each of these factors are not constant always, they are ever changing by the time , according to that construction industry is changing. Let’s discuss about these factors.
Bio technology:-Advancement in biotechnology is helping to develop a particular type of concrete that can heal itself like a animal body. They have developed a special type of algae that can seal the concrete cracking.

Innovation:- Innovation arises when there is a di…

Vastu Tips To Follow For New Building Construction - builtify

What is Vastu shastra?
As Hindu believes to be everything should be according to tradition , so the building or house they are living must be of good value and auspicious. Vastu Shastra is an old Indian architectural science which provides us knowledge regarding how building should be constructed , so that it will provide energy to the house and house members, for a healthy environment.
Is vastu shastra really a science and does it affect our life ?
Scientists may disapprove Vastu , but they can not disapprove power of nature. Nature has different energy in different material. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture, which governs town planning and designing of man-made structures. Vastu in sanskrit means ‘dwelling’, and in the modern context it covers all the buildings. Vastu pertains to the physical ,psychological and spiritual order of the buit environment , in consonance with cosmic energies.And every energy has different impact on people. Scientists found that th…