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Surat fire tragedy:How to make your house fire proof

The recent Surat fire incident in the coaching center has made all of us  heartbroken.Death of the students has created an anguished environment in the whole country.
Many times we here such news that often the buildings in India catches  fire easily.Still we are not aware of the fact that the building in which we live may also cut fire.So we need to be cautious & make our building fire resistant.
People make residential buildings once in a life time and more focus is given to aesthetic look of that building which includes many fire prone material ultimately making the building a ready to catch fire structure.But if you are living in a area especially fire prone you should be planning for the house making it fireproof even before the construction.
This shouldn’t happen if the building has followed certain precautions or the building is designed by keeping an eye on fire safety .So it’s basically the duty of construction companies & building owners to make sure the building fire p…

Secret Revealed ! Know the secrets of houses that last for generations

Have you ever visited the houses in kolkata  that are much old but it is still very strong where people living now with the same confident of safety of houses like when it is made .Also we  astonish when we pass through a very old building with the thought of what makes it standing for so long.So what do you think what is the secret behind the houses that is still lasting for generations with the same confident of providing safety & a place to stay people with happiness.Here we have found the secrets for the long lasting houses & we are going to share with you the most want to know secret.
So the first thing to make the house long lasting is preparing the right concrete mix and the process of putting with curing which you must ensure that construction company is doing perfectly for your home.So let’s discuss this step by step to get the full understanding.
What are the materials used for concreting & in what proportions:-
In the preparing of concrete the materials required ar…

Do you know what gives real strength to your building ?

Human body without bone structure will be like flesh ball &  will not be able to be a strong structure as it is now to do any work . Like wise buildings without framework are impossible to create.So when creating a structure it is most important to give a framework to give an identity & it must be of good quality to be strong enough.Concrete frameworks are the most common frameworks that are used in today’s modern house.The horizontal frameworks are called beams & vertical frameworks are called columns.From these two framework column is most important because it provide support to the entire building not like beam which provide support to a floor.For framework steel rods are used and there are many factors which need to be taken care during the framework construction.
Construction companies must give priorities to the strengthening of framework not only to the foundations. Therefore the guidelines must be followed to maintain the quality of framework. For this we are coveri…
“A tree with strong roots laughs at storms”. Like the quote indicates the strength of a tree lies in its root. If the foundation of a structure is strong then no storm or natural hazards can easily destroy it. So to make a good foundation do the things in right way or follow the norms, so that in future the strength of home will not be deteriorated. We all know something about the construction process of a building but we don’t know the details of a foundation process. So we are giving here some idea about this process where your builder can’t cheat you if you absorb these things in your mind.

So the first step for the strong root of your dream home would be marking the boundaries before preparing for excavation. For marking the boundary you must follow the plot map, so that there will be no error & which will not put you into any legal complications in future. Always use a right angle and line-string to mark perpendicular lines at various distances for foundations & columns, a…