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9 Things To Know Before Electrical Installation In Your Newly Constructed home in 2019-builtify

Electricity which is one of the important invention is a necessity for human being . Without electricity it is difficult to live not only in house but anywhere in the world. In absence of electricity it is impossible for a person to conduct any work in this modern day, as every work need to be done through gadget and electronic items, and this things can not run without electricity. So every house must need to be electrically equipped to make it modern house. In newly constructed building electrical installation is a important work which comes under home finishing. Electrical Installation in newly constructed house varies according to the requirement of home owners. Before plastering electrical points are decided ,  as the  electrical wires  are installed within  the wall and area is in the wall is dug for installation of electrical switch boards. Following are the points which need to be kept in mind while doing electrical installations for your home. Wiring system

How To Choose Doors For Your Home-builtify

Doors are essential part of homes. Without doors it is impossible to live in a home. There is a saying in hindi that the way to heart is goes through stomach. Likewise way to home is doorway. Doorway gives us a way of communication to inside environment and outside environment of home. Along with that it will also help to enter into different rooms of the house. Without doorway a house is unimaginable. To the doorway doors gives house a look of elegance,security,privacy. The doors not only performs the essential communication part , but they are now a part of aesthetic look of home making a home ordinary to luxurious. Now  doors are becoming a part of interior designing. While choosing doors for home we often get confused how to choose doors for home and what style should we choose, what material should we choose for our home to make it long lasting. Here we are giving a details about the types of doors available in market and what are the pros and cons of different type of

How To Choose Windows For Your Home - builtify

In the stage of home finishing fitting of Doors & Windows comes last. Windows and doors are functional part of house. According to different utility of rooms different doors & windows are required. Doors and windows are not only for communication purpose with people & environment , but they put a frame to the rooms. Different ornamental doors and windows are available to increase the beauty of the house.Besides these ornamentation their functionality is more important. For better functioning what material we choose for our doors and windows is important. Due to advancement in Technology different type of doors & windows are created for the convenience use of people. Many times people are confused what to choose. And after choosing some random material they regret. That’s why prior Knowledge gaining about different material functionality is good for long lasting doors & windows. Here we are discussing detail of windows to give you a brief Idea what are