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Since ever human developed and made progress in technological field every sector and industry is changing . From that communication sector is making fast progress followed by construction industry. From the starting of construction , this Industry is using every possible technology of that time. We can say that technology has mostly reshaped the construction industry. But technology alone can not change the future but there are other factors such as economy of the country, average income of people, Rule of the land, availability of raw materials etc.

And each of these factors are not constant always, they are ever changing by the time , according to that construction industry is changing. Let’s discuss about these factors.

Bio technology:-

Advancement in biotechnology is helping to develop a particular type of concrete that can heal itself like a animal body. They have developed a special type of algae that can seal the concrete cracking.


Innovation arises when there is a difficulty in doing something. Many work in construction Industry is very difficult and takes huge time to complete. Also the structures made using the previous technologies may not be that strong. To tackle all these thing persons connected to construction Industry are continuously trying to innovate something that can actually help the construction Industry. Among these innovation most of them are related to construction material and equipment. The list includes are

Interlocking bricks:- 

These Interlocking bricks are a way of innovation. With these interlocking bricks masonry works become very easy , Most innovative part about this is it can also be used to make columns which has high strength.

Rebar structure:-

 Previously rebar is done by tying wires for reinforcement. But now rebar chairs are available which makes the reinforcement work easier.

Waste concrete recycling:- 

Concrete waste is a major waste in a construction industry. It is not used previously. But now waste of construction Industry is recycled, from which waste concrete is and bricks are mainly recycled. From recycled concrete aggregates are produced which are alternative of non renewable source aggregates.

Green concrete:-

Green concrete also one form of concrete which uses waste material as one of it’s component.

Artificial Intelligence:- 

Artificial Intelligence is not just a term it is a whole set of human cognitive thinking to machine learning. Where machines are able to solve the problems with the same way that a human solves the problem. This technology is being used to create machines which can solve human problem such as cost over run, Risk mitigation,better project management in construction sector.

BIM(Building Information Model):- 

BIM is a process that helps the construction project for better planning as the construction projects require heavy planning and communication. It is easier to know about material requirement, material availability through the project. Also reduces the cost of project. Many companies are applying these technologies to get better result.

3D printing:-

3D printing has completely change the thought of Construction Industry. Previously we thought of only 2D printing. But now with this evolution it is possible to construct building faster and also cheaper. These houses are also strong. This revolution is a necessary which is required for the people who can not arrange a shelter for them.


Economy of the country:-

When economy is booming there is a greater chance of booming of other Industry. But everyone is witnessing that in recent years the economy is changing drastically creating very fluctuating market inmost of the countries. Most of the construction expenses depends a lot on investment by investors or loan from banks. If the economy is not stable or following a recession period then there will be less chances of investment and people may not be interested for construction .

Also the amount of work will be less creating more competition among construction companies.

Due to instability in economy raw material price will be increasing which adversely affect the the construction industry leading to less construction work.

Construction worker

Along with time construction workers are also changed. Previously safety of workers is of no importance, but now there safety is of utmost priority. Also wages of workers is increasing as the cost of living is increasing which is a additional cost to construction.

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