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How To Choose Colours For Your Home:-builtify

When it comes to painting of interior walls everyone has some biasness regarding choosing colours. But still we look for some Inspiration to choose colours. Thanks to Internet where you can find a thousand of Inspiration. Also many colour company websites are available where you can see your house virtually painted and choose colors according to your requirements. But still you can choose colour and colour patterns for painting your home by taking some Inspiration. Try Nude colours:- If you are a person of liking very smooth things or simple life, then you might like nude colours. People think these neutral colours will not give a glam look to your house, but that is wrong concept. Neutral colours  give tough competition to those dark colours. You can use either one neutral colour or stripped one or mix and match colours. Along with that you can choose darker coloured furniture or lighter coloured furniture , because both will go perfect with nude colours. Take

How To Make a Room Brighter Without Windows :-

When it comes to room brightening we all suffer some problems. If the room is in ground floor the problem is more. Because in most of the cities there is very little space between the built up area and the boundary. There are some tricks which you can use to lighten up your room without window or less window. Colour of walls:- First and foremost trick is colour of walls. You need little knowledge about colours. As we know lighter colour reflect more light and darker colour absorbs more light. By keeping this thing on eye choose lighter shades for walls. You can paint the ceiling white and wall lighter shades such as light pink, light yellow, light green etc. They will reflect more light making the room brighter. Limiting Darker colours:- Many people are tempted to use darker colours as they want to enhance the look of the rooms. But putting darker colour such as violet, red, blue, green will absorb the light making the room more darker. Instead of that

How to Really Achieve a Hypoallergenic Home in Bhubaneswar

In the world where we go or not we need a peaceful environment where we can feel comfort i.e our home. But it feel irritating when we get itchiness or sneezing and the reason we all know is allergen. It is difficult to leave in a allergenic environment. Creating a hypoallergenic home is not that difficult, you can achieve it easily. And especially you have children and older person in your home then it is difficult for you to handle it. How to Really Achieve a Hypoallergenic Home in Bhubaneswar And this starts from choosing right quality materials. Choosing flooring of good quality:- Different material has different impact on health. Some of the material such as plank, cement flooring, linoleum are very good flooring options. Oxide cement flooring:- Oxide cement flooring which is one of the popular flooring of India before some years. But people are now not interested about this flooring. But it is very good hypoallergenic flooring. Along with anti-allerge

Advantages of Microcement- builtify

Microcement advantages are making it popular than other cement. Micro cement or micro concrete is a cement based coating applied on floors and walls. As it has strong bonding power, it can be applied to almost any floors or surfaces. Micro cement is great option for home owners and commercial building owners to find a seamless floor finish. Micro cement can be used for kitchens, bathrooms,living areas with as it has many variations. Advantages of Microcement:- If you are using for flooring then you can get smooth finished flooring and grout free. You can get a great variety of colours and textures with the micro cement. High bonding:-  Micro cement are are highly adhesive in nature , which is very good for plastering or the floors made up of with this material lasts for long time. They can be applied to any surface without any difficulty. Resistance to scratch:- Micro cement flooring are resistant to scratch that means furniture movement

Advantages and Disadvantages Porotherm Clay Brick:-

Like every other Industry construction Industry is growing with the development of technology. Porotherm clay brick is one of them. Porotherm clay bricks are new age bricks which advancing the building construction Industry. Basically porotherm clay bricks are perforrated bricks either horizontally or vertically. They are performing better than normal clay bricks. Previously people are very much skeptical about using or trying new items. But now people are eager to try new material which will benefit them in terms of strength and thermal Insulation. It is sustainable as it is made up of clay. Advantages of porotherm clay brick:-   One very Important component of building construction is wall which constitutes half area of it. So it is most important the bricks used in wall should be of good quality.   The temperature of the rooms of the house depends upon the material used in the construction. If we are using red bricks they will have different impact such as