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In the stage of home finishing fitting of Doors & Windows comes last. Windows and doors are functional part of house. According to different utility of rooms different doors & windows are required. Doors and windows are not only for communication purpose with people & environment , but they put a frame to the rooms. Different ornamental doors and windows are available to increase the beauty of the house.Besides these ornamentation their functionality is more important. For better functioning what material we choose for our doors and windows is important. Due to advancement in Technology different type of doors & windows are created for the convenience use of people.
Many times people are confused what to choose. And after choosing some random material they regret. That’s why prior Knowledge gaining about different material functionality is good for long lasting doors & windows.
Here we are discussing detail of windows to give you a brief Idea what are the types of wi…

11 Best Suited Flooring Types For Indian Home - builtify

Flooring is an essential stage of home finishing. It changes the aesthetic look of the house. Along with this Texture of flooring gives the feeling of floor smoothness to the members of house. It is a major part of house which comes in human contact most of the time. With the changing technology a number of flooring options are available in the market, but many of us are confused what to choose for our flooring. As house construction is one time investment in a life of a person & durable for longer period of time , but that does not happen with flooring. That's why before choosing you must aware about the pros & cons of every type of flooring , so that flooring will last longer.
Here we are giving you all the information about different types of flooring :
Tile FlooringVinyl FlooringGraniteMarbleMix matchLaminateLinoleumConcreteTerrazzoOxide flooringStone
Tile flooring:-
Ceramic Tile used for flooring is made up of sand, clay and some natural products, then they are moulded in…


Flooring is an integral part of every home. It provides lots of memory to us, but along with that it provides an aesthetic look to our home. This year I have decided to change the flooring of our house , but there are lot of things we have to consider during deciding the flooring. Along with that many factors plays role such as moisture, durability, design, cost etc.
Picking flooring is very difficult as we always get confused among various options and also whether to give priority to quality of flooring or to focus on budget. Because it is the major part of the house where human contact is more.
I think Everyone feels the same chaos in their mind before choosing flooring for their home, So here is the definitive guide to choose flooring for your home.
But before this we should know our requirement i.e "what we want for our home" :
Q) In which area the flooring will be Installed such as the basement,bathroom,or kitchen or dining room or bedroom ?
A) If it is installed in bathroom…