Secret Revealed ! Know the secrets of houses that last for generations

Ramdulal nawab 's house

Have you ever visited the houses in kolkata  that are much old but it is still very strong where people living now with the same confident of safety of houses like when it is made .Also we  astonish when we pass through a very old building with the thought of what makes it standing for so long.So what do you think what is the secret behind the houses that is still lasting for generations with the same confident of providing safety & a place to stay people with happiness.Here we have found the secrets for the long lasting houses & we are going to share with you the most want to know secret.

So the first thing to make the house long lasting is preparing the right concrete mix and the process of putting with curing which you must ensure that construction company is doing perfectly for your home.So let’s discuss this step by step to get the full understanding.

What are the materials used for concreting & in what proportions:-

Concrete aggregates

In the preparing of concrete the materials required are sand,stone,cement,water.but what is the proportion that is needed for preparing concrete is discussed bellow.
Wooden or steel measurement boxes are used to ensure consistency in the mix.Since at small sites ,batching is always done as per bag of cement ,the measurement box dimension  is in multiples of 1 bag of cement ,or 35 litres (1 bag cement equals 35 litres in volume).A convenient size of the measurement box is 350x250x400 mm(35 litres).
Sand and stone aggregates should be loosely filled in & levelled without compaction.For example,when preparing a mix of 1:1:5:3,you need 1 bag of cement,1.5 boxes of sand and 3 boxes of stone aggregates – 2 boxes of 20 mm aggregates and 1 box of 10 mm aggregate.

Use a 5 –litre measurement can to measure water correctly.If the mix constituents are correct ,the water requirement should be around 25 litres per bag of cement.

construction measurement box

Preparing the perfect concrete mix:-

Concrete mix

When mixing concrete by volume ,batching,measuring boxes,the right water to cement ratio,measuring bulking of sand and accounting for surface water of aggregates needs to be strictly followed.


A mixer should be used for a minimum of two minutes to ensure uniform distribution of the material or until the mass is uniform in colour and consistency.

Avoid hand mixing whenever possible.If hand mixing is necessary,Use a solid ,impervious platform.In the case of hand mixing ,cement & sand should be dry-mixed until the cement and sand become uniform in colour,before stone aggregates are added.

Concrete mixing


Concrete should be placed in final position before setting starts. In general, concrete should be poured within 30-60 minutes of preparation.

Addition of extra water to make the concrete re-workable is not recommended.

Furthermore, Please ensure that the shuttering position is not disturbed. Concrete should be poured in layers without any break of continuity, with the maximum free fall of concrete not exceeding 1.5 m. 

Concrete placing


Compaction, especially around steel bars, and the corners of the framework should be carried out .Use of vibrators will ensure good compaction. Remember good compaction will ensure high strength and impermeable concrete.


The finishing of the surfaces should be carried out after initial stiffening.


Curing is the process of preventing moisture loss from the concrete or mortar while maintaining the required humidity within the structure to ensure high strength & durability.

Application of water should begin when the exposed surfaces start drying out, generally between 12 to 24 hrs.

Concrete surfaces should be kept continuously moist, for minimum of 7 to 14 days.
Ensure that all exposed surfaces including sides and edges are continually moist throughout the curing period.

Cure horizontal surfaces with pond formation .Jute soaked in water could be used for vertical surfaces.

In the process of creating a structure which need to be more long lasting all these process should be taken care perfectly .So this is the secret which is spilled before you to make your dream house last for generations .


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