Surat fire tragedy:How to make your house fire proof


The recent Surat fire incident in the coaching center has made all of us  heartbroken.Death of the students has created an anguished environment in the whole country.

Many times we here such news that often the buildings in India catches  fire easily.Still we are not aware of the fact that the building in which we live may also cut fire.So we need to be cautious & make our building fire resistant.

People make residential buildings once in a life time and more focus is given to aesthetic look of that building which includes many fire prone material ultimately making the building a ready to catch fire structure.But if you are living in a area especially fire prone you should be planning for the house making it fireproof even before the construction.

This shouldn’t happen if the building has followed certain precautions or the building is designed by keeping an eye on fire safety .So it’s basically the duty of construction companies & building owners to make sure the building fire proof .

We are covering the points what measures should be taken to prevent such accidents if fire broke out in future.

house in fire

A) Design of building:-

Exit point:-

Whether it is a commercial or residential building , there must be two or more exit points according to the the area of each room.When the fire will broke out there will be less chaos and people will find easy to get out of that place without any hustle.So whenever anyone constructing a building or any contractors doing construction they must include this thing in structural drawing design & construction of that thing.
exit door

Accessible for fire trucks:-

In recent surat tragedy we have seen that fire trucks are not able to reach near building quickly because there is no proper space to enter near that structure.Whenever a building is constructed try to have open space near the building so that the fire truck can reach to that area.because if the fire truck is not able to reach the fireman can not enter to that building easily.And also make sure the flooring of that building front is strong so that it can resist the load of fire trucks.

fire truck

Doors & windows:-

Often we have seen that people use wooden doors which are fire prone & when any building catches fire first thing which catches fire is door & window.So instead if we use uPVC doors & windows that would be a great choice for making the building fireproof because of by nature uPVC doors& windows do not support combustion in fact they are self-extinguishing when the fire source is removed.

Upvc door

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Roofs & decks:- 

Many people use wood for decks & roofs for good finished look & also for their love for wood.But one should avoid using of these materials .Instead of these he/she should use concrete or any metal for fire proof house.

wooden roof & decks

Wall Material:-

Many choose wooden material or plywood material for decoration purpose especially the commercial building ,But you should choose concrete or bricks which are less fire prone.This doesn’t mean they are completely fire proof.
wooden wall

Reducing sources of fire:-

Avoid bushes around your home:-

If there is lot of bushes around your house then that may be a reason of your house catching fire easily .always clean the dry leaves and dry branches to avoid this things.If possible then put fire resistant trees which has more water content in leaves ,trunk,with insulating bark,high salt content in it.for example chestnut tree,oak tree,strawberry tree,fig tree etc.

dry bushes

Check electrical appliances:-

If you think any electronics item that is malfunctioning & can short circuit or it can be a cause of fire in house you should replace it as soon as possible.
electric appliances

decluttering your house:-

Many times we see that clothes ,papers are scattered in our house which are of no use may make the house more fire prone.Also old wooden materials are there in home which people often dislike to throw or sell.Clearing of these thing make your house less fire prone.
cluttered home

Avoid mosquito coil:-

In India most of the fire accident happens due to mosquito coil fire .when the people are sleeping the fire catches easily and people are often found dead .So avoid these thing as much as possible.
mosquito coil

Avoid large trees :-

If any heavy powerline going near your home avoid large trees planting because if the tree broke down it will fell upon that electric line which can be a cause of fire source for your house.
tall tree with electric line

Follow safety measures:-

Electrical wire Audit:-

Electrical Audit is a need of every house but people often ignore it which we can see in surat incident .many times  rat cut the wires or due to high temperature the copper wire melt within inside and causes many unexpected accident.So it should be the first duty of every house owner to do electrical wire audit to ensure the house safety.
electrical audit

Why should I order an electrical audit from builtify?

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 Fire Extinguisher:-

There must be a fire Extinguisher in Every building,especially in commercial buildings & Apartments.Again it is not a full proof solution because many people don’t know how to use it ,So the people of that building must be trained for how to use it or there should be the direction written beside it.

Fire extinguisher

Water Sprinklers:-

People may also install Water sprinklers in the buildings ,but if the electrical wire is broken & the fire is due to short circuit then it is riskier to survive in that fire because people may be charged when the sprinkler sprinkles the water upon open wire.
Water sprinkler

Fire alarm:-

Fire alarm should be most important part of any building because it can awake even if you can not look every time each corner of your house.So installing Fire alarms is best for your house.Here is the guide to know more about fire extinguisher .

Fire alarm

Ladder & water :-

During summers try to keep ladder & sufficient water near your home. If your house catches fire you will be ready to handle that situation.

Even if the fire safety system Present in the buildings but when the fire catches it spread within minutes.But if we can make such buildings which are less fire prone then the fire will spread very slowly & many lives can be save if such fire accident happens.


  1. The new generation ecoste mpc boards are class B fire retardant as compared to ply or wood which help inducing the fire...also these are water and termite proof....i think upgrading the furniture work is another way to check fire incidents

    1. Yes ,that is another important reason of spreading fire easily & upgrading to this kind of furniture material will definitely reduce the risk of fire spreading.


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