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Construction Industry and water are inseparable.  We must have heard of water gives life & takes life., likewise water creates building and destroys building. During construction of building huge amount of water is required or we can say without water construction can not be done, but if these water accumulates  in the wrong places  after completion of construction then it is dangerous to the building. Then leakage starts causing damage to the walls & ceilings. It decreases the durability of the house  by making cracks in the wall & ceilings .   Listed below are some of the common reasons why leakage starts : ·  Accumulation of water , which starts penetrating the surface. ·  Poor quality and improper proportioning of concrete constituents. ·  Poor compaction of concrete which results in , air voids. ·  Construction joints between concrete and brickwork , and the discontinuity in concrete casting (old and new concrete) leading to minute cracks,which f


Painting of our home !  we are sure that all of us have done certain painting in our childhood upon the walls, because we love colours green, blue, yellow, orange and many more. But when ever it comes to real house painting we don’t have much idea related to this. We just do casual paintings for the sake of beautification, but there are a lot things we need to know. We do a lot of hustle in making our home and always worry about the strength and lasting of buildings. So often we focus on the beam, wall, roof , plastering process of construction . We must focus on these things . There is another thing which people often ignores with the thought of that painting is just for the decoration purpose, but it’s not like that . It is also one of those material which provide protection to your home. Previously people spent very little portion from the budget of construction, but now a days with the development of technology and with the increase in spending capacity people spen


Construction of home  is a Step by step process.After the  concrete structure is made then comes the finishing of the structure which makes it look better and protects the wall from environmental hazards.For that plastering is done upon the bricks & beams.But plastering is mostly done upon the bricks and the brick work is done previously after the vertical beam construction. If you are doing your home construction you should know about these work details for strengthening of your home & the workers can not mislead you. Brick masonry:- Brick masonry is very much important as it carries the load of the horizontal beams. If  it is not done perfectly then the total structure may disrupt during the work, making huge loss.So it is better to perform each step properly in construction process so that the structure would  stand for long time.For brick masonry following things should be taken care so that it would not create any disorder in the process of the rest of the co