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Electricity which is one of the important invention is a necessity for human being . Without electricity it is difficult to live not only in house but anywhere in the world. In absence of electricity it is impossible for a person to conduct any work in this modern day, as every work need to be done through gadget and electronic items, and this things can not run without electricity. So every house must need to be electrically equipped to make it modern house. In newly constructed building electrical installation is a important work which comes under home finishing.

Electrical Installation in newly constructed house varies according to the requirement of home owners. Before plastering electrical points are decided, as the electrical wires are installed within the wall and area is in the wall is dug for installation of electrical switch boards.

Following are the points which need to be kept in mind while doing electrical installations for your home.

Wiring system you need:-

electrical wire

Wiring system is always decided before construction of house. There are 3 types of wiring such as lead sheathed wiring, surface conduit wiring, and concealed conduit wiring.In previous days surface conduit wiring was done .
Now a days concealed conduit wiring is popular as it hides the wires within the wall which increases the aesthetic appeal of the house. If it is concealed conduit wiring then it is done before plastering of work as it needs digging of walls.
But many time people forgot to put the electrical outlets in some places or they need a separate outlet according for purpose arising later or shifting of furniture, so at that time they have to do surface conduit wiring. So be planned during construction so that you have to do less or no surface conduit wiring.

Decide the location of outlets:-

electrical outlet

When you are planning for electrical outlets first look at the room and then decide where you want to put which electrical appliances. According to that put the plugs of that ampere which is required for that appliances.
Often people thought that they can decide the outlets by themselves according to what they thought is appropriate for their house. But it is not true . It is always better to consult with an electrician to decide and plan the electrical outlets and wiring. You can go for electrical installation mapping such as take a print out of your house plan and decide where you want to put furniture and electrical appliances and the electrician can suggest what is the best location to put the outlets.

Extra need for electrical wiring:-


If you are a person who is more gadget savvy or needs the house to be a smart house, where the chances of a lot of electrical appliances need to be installed,then you must plan in advance for the wiring system. Otherwise you have to do surface conduit wiring.

Make your house energy efficient:-

energy efficient house

We all are acquainted of using different type of electronics item which can make our life simple. But that not comes free. We have to spent a lot upon electric bills which is the cause of headache of many home owners.
For that you can used control system to make an house energy efficient. You can consult with an electrical auditor or electrical engineer who can suggest you about how to control the excess consumption of electricity in your home. If you are doing it while installation of electrical system in your home then you can save your money from the beginning.

 Installing Solar panel:-

solar panel

Solar panels are one of the best thing which need to be installed in a home. Many people fascinates about solar panel but they don’t install because they thought that it is extra cost to their budget. But they don’t know that this extra cost is beneficial to them in future. They can save a lot in electricity bills by installing solar panels.

Electricity backup:-


Electricity break down is a common thing in cities for which we suffer a lot. But if you have electricity back ups in your home then you can do your work, while there is no electricity in your house. For that many are using batteries or inverter and for that electrical connections are made to each electrical outlets, as a result you have to do surface conduit wiring. If you are doing this electrical connections during construction then you can do sealed conduit wiring making your walls look better.



Earthing is important to every house, as no body can predict when will lightning fall upon your house. If earthing is not done then your electrical appliances may break. If you are living in a storm prone area then earthing is must to do.
Make sure earthing connection is done to every electrical point of the house to prevent electrical shocks.

Smart home electrical need:-

smart home

Now a days each and every product whether it is TV or fridge or any electrical appliances comes with a smart application. Like that people also want their house to be smart. So they are installing intercoms, CCTV and devices that act upon their voices. If you want a home like this then consult your electrician to set the electrical installation according to this appliances need.

Always buy ISI certified electrical components:-


While buying electrical appliances for your home keep in mind to buy ISI certified electrical components, so that it wont affect electrical appliances in future.

Always employ licensed /registered electrical contractors for electrical works:-

For your electrical wiring installation always search for an licensed or registered electrical contractors. They have a good expertise in their field so that they can suggest for best option of electrical outlets and energy saving wiring system.

To know more about such house finishing or construction related topics go through builtifyblog.


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