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wooden door

Doors are essential part of homes. Without doors it is impossible to live in a home. There is a saying in hindi that the way to heart is goes through stomach. Likewise way to home is doorway. Doorway gives us a way of communication to inside environment and outside environment of home. Along with that it will also help to enter into different rooms of the house. Without doorway a house is unimaginable. To the doorway doors gives house a look of elegance,security,privacy. The doors not only performs the essential communication part , but they are now a part of aesthetic look of home making a home ordinary to luxurious. Now  doors are becoming a part of interior designing.

While choosing doors for home we often get confused how to choose doors for home and what style should we choose, what material should we choose for our home to make it long lasting.
Here we are giving a details about the types of doors available in market and what are the pros and cons of different type of doors.

But before that if we can know our requirement for doors then it will be much easier to choose a door. For that we need to know first why doors are important to our home?

  • They provide way to communication- If we have a larger hall and there will be more foot stepping then we require a larger door with greater flexibility.
  • They provide warmth to the room-  If the house is in cold area or it is the main door then it needs to be a material which does not transfer the outside cold into the room.
  • They provide security to house- The door must be strong enough if there is a chance of theft.
  • Door must be long lasting- i.e if the door is outside to home it can not resist harsh whether or insects in case of wooden. Therefore choosing material is important according to the requirement of that room.

Requirement of home owner:
Requirement of home owner can be decided through this points. 
  • Door styles- Whether you want doors for the main doors of the house,then it should be stylished or should be pleasing to eye along with strength to provide security. If you have more budget then you can go for more stylish doors for other rooms.
  • Door swing- If the door needs to be frequent closing and opening then functionality of door should be given priority.
  • Door framing- If you want wooden door or door that must be strong enough then the frame must be settled during construction of building.
  • Door sound ratings- If you have old people or childrens in your home you definitely need sound proof doors. Also if your home is situated in noisy area or along road side then this is a must requirement.
After check listing your requirement next select the type of material you want.
Then you must want to know the type of doors available in the market, that will suit best to your rooms.
Some people choose to have same kind of doors for all of the rooms and some others choose different kind of doors for different rooms.

Types of doors based on material:-


wooden door

Wooden doors are classic choice for many Indians. This door material does not go out of fashion even if by passing long generations. They are like first preference of home owners without any hesitation. There are certain reasons due to which wooden doors are quite famous.


  • These wooden doors provide a very pleasing aesthetic look which can combine to any type of floor material and any type of wall colour. 
  • Good quality of Wooden doors are very strong.
  • Wooden doors can be carved into many shapes and designs and even they can be coloured according to your desired colour.
  • good insulator saving the home from severe hot or cold.
  • Can be a good match for every type of of house such as contemporary or modern designed house.


  • The only concern about wooden doors are you need to take care of doors from insects such as termites.
  • Also they are corroded by rain water. 
  • So it is better to avoid putting wooden windows where the rain will heat directly. 
  • They are not moisture resistant due to which these doors swells in rainy season.


glass door

Glass doors makes an excellent choice for business houses as well as home owners. For the doors open towards outwards will provide great natural view .


  • Glass doors provide great aesthetic look to business houses , hospitals.
  • Easy to clean with liquid detergent available in market.
  • Glass doors are not damaged by any insects , termites , or rain or sun.


  •  They are fire prone which may create difficulty when the house catches fire.
  •  They are fire prone which may create difficulty when the house catches fire.
  •  Dust accumulates upon glass doors easily, so it needs frequent cleaning.
  •  And If the thickness of glass door is not perfect then it can break easily. 


Steel door

Steel doors are mostly preferred outside or main doors of the house. They are not preferred for interior door of the house. Even though steel doors are used for institutional purposes ,but it can be used for residential purposes. Steel doors are mainly used for garages, Storage rooms and for commercial and institutional buildings.But still many home owners use it for residential homes.


  • According to thickness and height of steel doors it’s weight varies but they are heavy in weight.
  • They are fire resistant.


  • According to thickness and height of steel doors it’s weight varies but they are heavy in weight.
  •  There is a huge chance of rusting of steel doors if it is not coloured properly or not taken care of.
  •  Many of the times aldrop of the doors get jammed,so it need to be oiled every time for better functioning.
  • They are good conductors of heat and cold ,that’s why they are not good insulators making the room heated in summer and cold in winter.


pvc doors

PVC doors are appreciated for their benefits as an affordable and durable material. Vinyl doors have superior durability and not damaged by termites.


  • They can not be corroded unlike steel doors.
  • They are moisture resistant due to which it won’t swollen in rainy season.
  • They are self extinguishing making the house fire resistant.
  • They require very little maintenance . They are good insulators. Very lightweight in nature unlike the steel and wooden doors.


  •  They don’t provide good security as they are light in nature. They are not pleasing as they cannot match to any other furniture or floor in the house.
  •  Exposure to sun makes the door brittle.

Fiber glass doors:-

fibre glass doors

Wood doors require a lot of maintenance. If not maintained properly they can wrap,rot or corroded. But there are other materials available which door is more better. Fiber glass doors is one of them. They have a very good range of designs . Fiber glass doors are fairly modern providing great benefits.


  • Fiber glass doors are very durable as they are moisture resistant, whether resistant.
  • Termites can not affect it
  • They will not rust.
  • They are very good insulator.
  •  They are available in wood designs which is a great benefit and also it is very difficult to recognize whether it is wood or not.
  •  They provide good security as they are heavy in nature.


  • It has high cost . 
  • Need professional for fitting of door.

Aluminium doors:-

aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are widely used in commercial building. But now people are also using it in residential buildings for modernizing purpose.


  • They are very durable and have high strength .
  •  They can withstand any climatic condition. 
  • Aluminum resist rust , therefore they are good for coastal areas.


  • They are having high cost.
  • Some mark is developed  when comes in contact with water.

Types of Doors based on Placing of Components:

Battened and Ledged Doors:

These doors are wooden or timber doors in which battens are vertical wood slabs joined together horizontally with the help of wooden ledges.
Battened and Ledged Doors

Battened, Ledged and Braced Doors:

To make more durable doors wooden strips are joined diagonally which are called braces.

Battened, Ledged and Braced Doors

Battened, Ledged and Framed Doors:

For simple battened and ledged doors framework is provided through 2 vertical slabs.
Battened, Ledged and Framed Doors

Framed and Panelled Doors:

Framed and Panelled Doors

These doors look very elegant and are most preferred Indian doors. They are widely used.
In this doors frame is prepared in which the timbers are grooved along with inner edges of frame and the jointed together.

 Glazed doors:-

Glazed doors

Glazed doors are generally transparent. They are mostly preferred in Institutional buildings.

Flushed doors:

Flushed doors have two parts. Inner part is made with either hard strips of timber or hollow cardboard materials. Then outer side is glued with plywood sheet or veneer finish under high pressure.

Louvered doors:-

Louvered doors

Louvered doors provide natural ventilation. They are either fully louvered or partially louvered. They are made up of timber or plywood or wood.

Types of doors based on working functions:-

Revolving Doors:

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are one of the fascinating doors. They are mainly used in institutional buildings like hospitals, hotels,museums, offices.

Sliding door:

Sliding door

Sliding door is one of the most essential requirement of modern buildings now a days. Due to lack of space and easy functionality they are most preferred.

Swing doors:

Swing doors

Swing doors swings in 180 degree angle. Swing door is the style which is mostly used in Indian homes. Due to it’s look,strength and security purpose it is used mostly.

Collapsible steel door:

Collapsible steel door

They are mainly used for outside door of home purpose. Then can collapse horizontally saving space.

Shutter doors:

Shutter doors

These doors are mainly used for garage purposes.

If you want to know more about such topics then go through builtify blog.


  1. There are large varieties of doors such as wood doors, framed and panelled, fibreglass, aluminium, fibre-reinforced plastics doors or PVC doors & WPC doors. It all depends on one's choice or what is suitable for their home. I mostly prefer wooden doors because good quality wooden doors are best for a long time investment but you are also right "they are corroded by rainwater" but at that part of the home, we can use where they are to get touched by rainwater. Many windows and doors replacement companies are offering you all these varieties of doors according to your choice or need.

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