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Flooring is an integral part of every home. It provides lots of memory to us, but along with that it provides an aesthetic look to our home. This year I have decided to change the flooring of our house , but there are lot of things we have to consider during deciding the flooring. Along with that many factors plays role such as moisture, durability, design, cost etc.

Picking flooring is very difficult as we always get confused among various options and also whether to give priority to quality of flooring or to focus on budget. Because it is the major part of the house where human contact is more.

I think Everyone feels the same chaos in their mind before choosing flooring for their home, So here is the definitive guide to choose flooring for your home.

But before this we should know our requirement i.e "what we want for our home" :

Q) In which area the flooring will be Installed such as the basement,bathroom,or kitchen or dining room or bedroom ?

A) If it is installed in bathroom then there is high amount of moisture, If it is for kitchen the there is a chance of things dropping or oil spillage and for that flooring will be different.

Q)Do you have children or any need for durable floors or low maintenance ?

A)If yes then you have to choose something ceramic or marble flooring
And lastly the budget which is very important ,along with these thing search in market what is the per square feet rate of that flooring.

According to different room we can choose different floor finishes :

For LivingRoom & BedRoom:

Flooring of living room

Unlike other rooms there is no limit for choosing flooring for your living room & bedrooms . You can go for any option as you want. We are giving some examples here.

Hardwood Flooring:-

 Hardwood floorings are very strong and they give a classic luxurious look to the living room. They are available in many forms  such as light brown to dark brown.Hardwood floors are choice of many home owners because of their sophisticated look. It is very good option for the room where there is less moisture.It can be easily refinished. Along with various advantages it is costly material & installation.

Hardwood flooring


Many home owners choose carpet for their flooring because of it,s comfortable feeling. Carpets are available in many form such as wool, nylon, olefin, polyester, and acrylic. Availability of Wide range of carpet makes you choose the flooring according to your taste of decoration. It is easy to install. Specially if there are children in you house it is very good as it produces less sound.But the cons is removal of stain is difficult. Water contact can create mould. You have to change the carpet within very less time.

Carpet flooring


Tiles are available in both ceramic & porcelain.They are available in wide range of colours and designs which can fit to your test. They are very water resistant & can be used. They are very glazed. There cost rang from low to high making it budget friendly.They can crack if hitted by hard object. They need frequent cleaning of surface.

Tile flooring


Vinyl is the primary choice of many homeowners as it is very durable. It is highly water resistant & easy to maintenance.It is not easily stained. Although it is not as soft as carpet but still it is soft to feets. It is very affordable to install & replace. It provides luxurious look with little Investment. The most popular reason for this flooring is long lasting nature.

Vinyl flooring

Flooring for Kitchen & bathrooms:-

Flooring for kitchen depends upon lot of things. The flooring should be water resistant. It should not be much polished that could lead to an accident due to oil spillage or water spillage. Also wood can not be used as it is fire prone. And also it must be hard enough to resist any hitting .
Kitchen flooring


Tiles are excellent choice for kitchen as they are water resistant & provides an array of designs to decor your house.


Stones are also a great choice as they are available in both roughed surface & polished surface. Especially it is resistant to hard hittings.

stone flooring


 Marble flooring Immediately increases the appearance of any room giving it a regal luxurious look. It is water resistant and available in multiple colours and textures. It can be cut into different patterns to make different designs.It can last for long period of time. But the cons are it is costly & difficult to installation & not stain resistant. It can be re polished after it loose it’s glaze. Marble floor can break or crack.

Marble flooring

 Flooring of Bathrooms:-

Previously people’s choice was porcelain or ceramic tiles for bathrooms but now a days with increase in technology vinyl planks & vinyl tiles are taking place in bathrooms. But there is doubt in many people’s mind that whether it is water resistant or not. They are cheaper than porcelain tile, easier to install than vinyl sheets. More durable & more water resistant. Easier to install. Feets won’t get cold. No maintenance required. Durable than hardwoods.
vinyl fooring

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