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In the stage of home finishing fitting of Doors & Windows comes last. Windows and doors are functional part of house. According to different utility of rooms different doors & windows are required. Doors and windows are not only for communication purpose with people & environment , but they put a frame to the rooms. Different ornamental doors and windows are available to increase the beauty of the house.Besides these ornamentation their functionality is more important. For better functioning what material we choose for our doors and windows is important. Due to advancement in Technology different type of doors & windows are created for the convenience use of people.

Many times people are confused what to choose. And after choosing some random material they regret. That’s why prior Knowledge gaining about different material functionality is good for long lasting doors & windows.

Here we are discussing detail of windows to give you a brief Idea what are the types of windows are available & how much they are functionally good. But before that decide where should be the window is placed.
How to decide in which area to put window in that room?

It should be decided previously during wall construction. During this time following factors should be kept in mind.
  • From where the wind is coming?
  • From where the room will get maximum light?
  • How much window will be required for a single room?
  • Whether the rain will directly hit the window to damage it ?

Next will come window fitting, for that we should know the type of windows are available .
Generally, the different materials for windows actually refer to the material of the window frame.
But still there are windows which are made up of wholly through a single material .

Wooden window:

wooden window

In India wooden windows are very popular previously, until now many people prefer these wooden windows. There are two types of wooden windows. One is wooden frame window another is whole wooden window. These wooden windows are carved into many different designs, which gives a nice look to room.


  • wooden windows gives a sophisticated look to the house,which is the reason why it is most preferred
  • They are easy to install through the carpenters
  • Wooden frame windows are long lasting if taken care


  • As wood was once a living substance if not taken care well then it may rotten
  • Termites are the worst enemy of wood, So it is important to put anti-termite treatment upon wood.
  • These wooden windows have high cost 
  • If good quality of wood is being not used the the window will not last longer.
  • The houses near river and beaches should avoid wooden windows and doors.

uPVC window:

upvc window

UPVC Window are unplasticized polyviny chloride. UPVC is proven as a good material for window frames. They are very long lasting and requires very little maintenance. It is also recognized for it’s thermal efficiency, sound insulation and great value for money. UPVC doors and windows can be recycled and reused. They are eco friendly.


  • They are perfectly insulated.
  • Highly hygienic
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Windows can be made up of different sizes
  • Self extinguishing
  • Protection against insects
Due to wide range of advantages,where other materials can’t give, uPVC is getting more popular.

Why should I order uPVC doors & Windows from builtify ?

  • Builtify fabricates the uPVC doors & windows in house .
  • The uPVC doors & windows produced by builtify are processed through tedious process of quality checking.
  • Builtify uPVC doors & windows are customizable according to your requirement.
  • The price of uPVC doors & windows are affordable in comparison to peers.
Here take a look at the making of uPVC WINDOWS:

Aluminium Window:

Aluminium window

Aluminium is a versatile material which is used for different purpose in building material. But it is used as window material due it’s light weight and long lasting nature as it does not corrode easily. Aluminum windows are available in different colours with different structures.But they are  heated easily in summer.


  • not corrodes easily
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in different shapes and sizes


  • Prone to condensation

Composite material window:

composite material window

Composite material window are made up of 2 materials. For example wood with resin. When only wood is used it is not resistant to moisture. But when it is combined with other material it gives better result in terms of thermal performance. Also moisture resistant.


  • They don’t rotten easily
  • Moisture resistant
  • Don’t heat easily


  • Durability depends upon the manufacturer

Next after choosing material for frame what are the types of windows are available that you can use according to your need is discussed bellow.

Types of window:

Fixed windows:

Fixed window

Fixed windows are generally that windows which can neither be opened or closed. These windows are framed with other materials and shutters are used either glazed material or glass so that light can come properly . The shutters generally used are whether-proof materials.
Fixed  Window are generally used in the place where there is less requirement of sitting or the room requires continues light. They can be fitted both in walls and ceilings.

Sliding windows:

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are made up frames and glass or fiber panes . They usually set on rollers to close and open the window. Sliding windows are having a a great benefit where there is tress or no space to open widows. Due to its easy functionality it is getting popular. Sliding windows does not provide proper sealing.
They require very low maintenance and are very durable.

Pivoted Windows:

Pivoted windows

Pivoting windows are a type of windows that can rotate up to 90-180 degree around a horizontal or vertical axis. These pivoted windows provide full ventilation.In this window pivots are used to oscillate the windows. They are used for special purpose or emergency situation. They are easy to clean. 

Double hung windows:

Double hung windows

Double hung windows have two panes. The upper pane and lower pane. Both can be opened and closed unlike single pane where only lower part can be opened. To operate the double hung windows chord or chain is provided with some weights to adjust the window panes opening. 

Casement windows:

Casement windows

A casement window is affixed to a frame by one hinge or many hinge. Theses windows can be used either one pair or multiple pairs. These windows provide best ventilation .
These windows are energy efficient as very easy to open and close. They are whether protectant to rooms as they do not let enter much wind. They are very easy to clean.

Metal windows:

Metal windows

There are different material used for metal windows. Steel and aluminium are mostly used as frames of window. Steel windows are available in different variants. They are very easy to clean and maintain. They are fire and whether resistant. They don’t waste due to to insects. The steel material may corrode so it is necessary to paint them properly.

Sash windows:

Sash window

Sash windows are one type of casement windows,but in these windows panels are glazed and not like the casement where the panels can not pass the light. These windows have rail or bars upon which the small glass are putted.

Corner windows:

Corner windows

As the name suggest the windows present at corner are corner windows. These windows are used for to give an aesthetic look to the house. Here the windows are present in two walls. To provide these type of window special lintel is provided in the wall.

Clerestory Windows:

Clerestory Windows

These windows are used where the ceiling height is more. These windows are used to provide natural light to the rooms. These windows should not be used for aesthetic purpose as they provide serious heating. So there positioning should be done in proper way to avoid heat. They should not be over sized. 

Bay Windows:

Bay Windows:

Bay windows are generally projected outside walls. The projection of bay windows are in different sizes. They provide good view of outside from the room. They are generally made for comfort to enjoy the outside view. These bay windows can be used where the room is little or small. They provide very good natural light to the room.

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