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Vastu Tips To Follow For New Building Construction - builtify

What is Vastu shastra? As Hindu believes to be everything should be according to tradition , so the building or house they are living must be of good value and auspicious. Vastu Shastra is an old Indian architectural science which provides us knowledge regarding how building should be constructed , so that it will provide energy to the house and house members, for a healthy environment. Is vastu shastra really a science and does it affect our life ? Scientists may disapprove Vastu , but they can not disapprove power of nature. Nature has different energy in different material. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture, which governs town planning and designing of man-made structures. Vastu in sanskrit means ‘dwelling’, and in the modern context it covers all the buildings. Vastu pertains to the physical ,psychological and spiritual order of the buit environment , in consonance with cosmic energies.And every energy has different impact on people. Scient

Rain Water Harvesting- builtify

Water is everywhere in the world. But the amount of sweet water or usable water is very less . we can say it is the most scarce resource in the world right now. Many research organizations are saying that water will be finished in future. So to save water for our future generations we need to take step to save this resource. This can be done in various ways like not wasting water while using in your home. Using required amount of water during car wash or other home washing works. This is the consumption part saving   But if we can save the source part then that will have a great impact on our environment. So this concept is rain water harvesting. It has been used by many people as it has lot of benefits. In india we have rainy season and it is a better option to use that resource of water. But many people in India don’t go for rainwater harvesting because they think it is an investment which won’t give any profit. But it is a way to making your building green building rat

How To Make Your House Thermally Insulated ?

Good heat insulation in the building or adopting some proactive measures can give you relief from both severe summer heat as well as the winter cold. Thermal Insulation in the building is very much important in India as India is a country of extreme weather where heat and cold are at their high peak during the season. So it is very much Important to make your home thermal insulated. But before moving towards thermal insulation we should know what is thermal insulation. Thermal Insulation of building is the process of creating a shield around your home in terms of use of thermal insulated material or using building material which are better for thermal insulation to save energy of house. Tips to make thermally insulating buildings:- Shading of Windows:- Shading devices generally used are louvers, Sun shades, verandah, curtains - using materials like heat absorbing glass, painted glass, etc. Colour & Surface:- Light coloured and smooth materials have

Tips To Install Plumbing System In Your home-builtify

If you are building a new house then plan the plumbing system in building with help of any engineer. With the modern invention of technology people want every facility near their hand. Like electricity,  People want plumbing system in their home which can provide them water24/7 & fulfill their water utility Requirement. Installing plumbing system in a new home is a task itself. Most of the people thought it is a work which can be done by anybody with little knowledge, but that’s not true. It should be done by some specialists or engineer or any body who have a better understanding about plumbing Installation.  Why water supply & sanitation is important for newly constructed home ?  Water supply and sanitation is a part of basic needs of a person which must be installed in a newly constructed building. You need water for drinking , for bathing, for washing of clothes, dishes which are basic need and through plumbing installation you can perform your work easil