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If you are building a new house then plan the plumbing system in building with help of any engineer.
With the modern invention of technology people want every facility near their hand. Like electricity, 
People want plumbing system in their home which can provide them water24/7 & fulfill their water utility Requirement. Installing plumbing system in a new home is a task itself. Most of the people thought it is a work which can be done by anybody with little knowledge, but that’s not true. It should be done by some specialists or engineer or any body who have a better understanding about plumbing Installation. 

Why water supply & sanitation is important for newly constructed home ? 
  • Water supply and sanitation is a part of basic needs of a person which must be installed in a newly constructed building.
  • You need water for drinking , for bathing, for washing of clothes, dishes which are basic need and through plumbing installation you can perform your work easily.
  • Most important water is necessary for drinking & through this system you will get drinking water easily without going to outside for fetching water.

Before installing plumbing system access your requirement.
How much member is there in your home and calculate the amount of water each member needs to spend on a daily basis and decide the size of water tank you will be need.
Then decide in which area you need which sanitation items to be fitted and let know your plumbing system installer and he will plan accordingly that.

Process of Installing Plumbing system into newly constructed home:-

  • First prepare plumbing line map
  • Then laying water pipeline
  • Then connection to bathroom, kitchens, Wash basin
  • Then connection to different appliances and pipes.
  • Then connection of Waste pipes to septic tanks.

First prepare plumbing line map:-

First take a print out of your house plan then discuss with plumbing consultant and prepare a layout for your plumbing line installation. Then consult how much amount of GI(galvanized iron pipe, plastic pipe etc. However GI pipes are more famous in India.

Then laying water pipeline:-

Choose good quality of GI pipe so that it will last for longer period of time.
GI pipes are available in three grades- Grade`A ’, Grade`B ’, Grade`C ’ . Grade A pipes are used for heavy duty purposes. But for residential buildings Grade B pipes are generally used. Colour bands are painted on these GI pipes for better recognition.

Then connection to bathroom, kitchens, Wash basin:-

After the main pipeline layed within house then other pipeline connection is created for bathrooms,kitchens, washbasins.

Then connection to different appliances and pipes:-

After pipe connection is done water tap is connected, Latrines,Urinals installed,Wash basin installed. And also connection is done for water purifiers, washing machines,Dish washers.

Then connection of Waste pipes to septic tanks:-

After plumbing pipeline and plumbing appliances installed sewage pipe line must be installed. It is obvious that when we are using water we are discharging it. So the effluents coming from bathrooms, kitchen, wash basins, latrines must be discharge to some are I.e septic tank. So waste pipe must be installed from these discharge inlets to to septic tank.

Tips to install plumbing system in your home:-

May the house owner don’t have any knowledge regarding plumbing installation, but if the house owner have some knowledge regarding this then he may be able to choose better option for better convenient use of waters.

Storage tank:-

House may either get continuous or timed water supply. However the pressure of the water may not be sufficient to rise to all the floors of the building,even in the case of continuous supply. That is why storage tank are required. You can either build the storage tank at the ground level or at the roof level or at the both level.
But due to easier maintenance & flow of water to house which doesn't require any pressure many people are preferring to have rooftop tank. This roof top tank again comes in 2 types. One is concrete tank & other is plastic tank. Both the tanks are good on their perspective. Accessories like top cover, ball valve with a float to control the inflow of water, overflow pipe in case float assembly fails, Supply pipe, air vent pipe and drain pipe to clean the tank periodically, should be provided.
Always try to put roof top water tank as when there is no current or battery water can come through pipes easily to you home from water tank which requires no pressure. 

Sanitary system:-

 If you are installing your plumbing system then sanitary connection is a must . Along with plumbing system plan your drainage system. Because it has seen many time that improper planning of drainage system of house gives headache to many homeowners. This means that you have to plan the position of baths, water closets, wash basins, etc.along with the position of traps, manholes, soak pits/ septic tanks and public sewer.

Septic tank:-

A septic tank is a horizontal flow sedimentation tank used to treat sewage, where a sewage system (public sewer) is not available. The purpose of a septic tank is two- fold. Firstly, it allows deposition of settling solids in sewage by sedimentation, and secondly , it enables or complete digestion in the sludge. A septic tank produces septic action either by anaerobic bacteria. The effluent is then discharged either in the soak pit or below ground level through sand drains, to ensure that effluent gets absorbed by the soil. The sludge, in case of soak pits may be cleaned periodically. A Vent pipe to let gases escape and a baffle wall with openings should also be constructed at a short distance from inlet.

Water Softener:-

In many areas the quality of water is not good or they are harsh, which ultimately worsens the clothes which you wash. Also people don’t like to drink harsh waters. But people never give any focus to this side. So during planning of water system ask your plumber to install water softener.

Make your plumbing system centralized :-

Try to make your plumbing system centralized on your basement.That is all the connections such as water heater, water softener connection, water supply pipe etc.

Make main water shut-off valve accessible:-

Many times we need repair of water pipe or re-installation of sanitary items. So for that we need to stop water flow . And the water shut-off valve must be accessible so that you can easily close that water valve and do repair work.
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