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What is Vastu shastra?

As Hindu believes to be everything should be according to tradition , so the building or house they are living must be of good value and auspicious. Vastu Shastra is an old Indian architectural science which provides us knowledge regarding how building should be constructed , so that it will provide energy to the house and house members, for a healthy environment.

Is vastu shastra really a science and does it affect our life ?

Scientists may disapprove Vastu , but they can not disapprove power of nature. Nature has different energy in different material. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture, which governs town planning and designing of man-made structures. Vastu in sanskrit means ‘dwelling’, and in the modern context it covers all the buildings. Vastu pertains to the physical ,psychological and spiritual order of the buit environment , in consonance with cosmic energies.And every energy has different impact on people. Scientists found that the sun ,moon, earth, soil, has certain effect on humans according to the direction. These energies are called natural energies.

Vastu shastra says that if the structure of your house is so designed that the positive forces over ride the negative forces then there is a beneficial release of bio-energy, which helps you and your family members to live a happy and healthy life.

Vastu is the science of direction and it affects all the element of nature.

Vastu is a way of making your house which allow the positive energies to flow freely in your home in ordrer to attain health, well-being and happiness. Your home should be made in such a way that the positive energies can entered into your home properly. Such as the direction of main entrance door, direction of windows, direction of drawing room, bedroom, kitchen etc.

Vastu and construction of building:-

 Vastu rules can be categorized into 2 types. One is before and during construction , another is after construction I.e positioning of furnishings and occupants.
But vastu rules during construction is very much important. As it plays crucial role deciding the direction of earth, soil, air, water etc. Once the house is constructed it is very difficult to maintain vastu. So it is better to meet a person who knows about vastu and made the layout plan of your house.

Importance of vastu:-

  • Vastu is important in constructing building. It provides knowledge regarding direction of nature .
  • Helps to bring peace and harmony in house.
  • This benefits the family members growth and success in their lives
  • This brings new opportunity to the house.
  • Creates healthy relationship among members.
  • It tells us how to avoid diseases,depression, and disasters by living in structures , which allows the presence of a cosmic field.

How vastu shastra can be used in building construction?

If vastu can be effectively utilized for building construction a happy house is created ultimately.
It provides the rule of direction which provides us to create a home which makes the occupants of that building to live peaceful,happy and prosperous life.

Vastu tips for commencing construction work:-

According to Vastu Cleanliness is very much important:-

  • So before commencing construction work clean the area. Make it free from debris, bushes, stones, fill the holes in that area. Also remove the debris from site from time to time. 
  • Always try to use new materials for construction process, because the old material may carry negativity from previous owners.
  • Avoid wood from thorny trees for construction, also if there is any thorny tree in construction place then remove it. Thorny trees are not good for houses.

Storing of construction materials:-

Always try to store construction materials in south or west or southwest directions, because it will ensure continuity in construction process without interruption.


According to vastu North east corner should be used for beginning of excavation work, after that proceed the work towards east, north, west direction.

Water pump:-

For placing water sources in the plot always use north, east, or northeast direction . This ensures good water flow and harmony for the occupants.


For laying the foundation south east corner should be chosen first, thereafter proceeding towards northwest. Also it can be started from southwest and then it can be preceded towards northwest or southeast.

Entrance door:-

Entrance doors placing is very much important in a house, as it is the main communication way of house. Energy of the nature enters to the house through this. So positioning of entrance door should be according to nature’s law.
It should be in the north, east or northeast direction in case the plot is facing towards north or east. If if plot is facing towards south, then entrance door should be at southeast and south and for west facing plots , it should be west and northwest.

Layout plan:-

According to the plot direction  there are different layout plans which should be followed to get the most positive energies in your home.
Vastu suggests that every room must has different direction to get best results, Such as


The best place for a kitchen is the south-east corner, as south east is supposed to be the place of fire god.

Direction of cooking:- 

Cooking facing south or south east provides good result. While cooking facing north/northeast results into heavy expenditure, mental unrest.


It is the place of relaxation. So south or southwest area is the best suited for a master bedroom.


 The bathroom or toilet adjacent to the southeast corner in the east direction is very good. It can also be constructed in the west or north of northwest or in south directions, leaving the northeast and southwest corners. 

Drawing room:- 

Living rooms are the areas where guests are entertained in the first instance , the decor of this room reflecting to greater extent the status of the occupants. It will be best if it is constructed mid east or Mid west area. 

Children’s room or study room:- 

Vastu suggests the placement of children’s room or study room should be in North-East, North and east direction. While studying child should face East, North or west direction to get maximum benefit.

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