How To Get Rid Of Dampness And Humidity In Your Home ?

Dampness and humidity are always an irritation to home. They often lead to create mold, and smells in home leading to unpleasant environment. Members of the house always feel damp and they don’t like to stay in home for much time. These mold can lead to severe allergies and breathing problems to house members. It can also cause structural damage to your house.

Dampness can be caused due to two factors:-

  • Either the moisture is entering into home
  • Moisture can not escape

Causes of dampness varies from house to house.

Find the root cause of dampness:-

First study your house properly. Look at the sides and roof of your house. Sometimes the roof are not constructed properly or tilted to one side and they accumulate water during rain. Then they are absorbed by the roofs and walls.
Also some people put unused items or leftover construction material on roofs which also causes soaking of roofs.

Another reason if the land is not good upon which construction is done then the water will raise to the walls as capillary water is another reason of dampness especially in ground floors.

By knowing this you can yourself thought about some of the possible solution.

Ways to get rid of dampness:-

1) Ventilate your home properly:-

Ventilation in home is a necessary to avoid the dampness and wet environment in home. Ventilation in home creates a flow of wind in the home. It removes the bad air, decreases the humidity, moisture content in the room.

The major reason of dampness is is condensation due to not opening of windows. In rainy season, winter most of the time windows are closed. That’s why condensation occurs in the room due to different day to day activities. Ultimately making the house damp. So try to open the door at least for some time in these days.

2) Get a dehumidifier:-

Sometimes it is difficult to avoid moisture. May be the area where you are living is full of moisture and you don’t find any solution. Then you must purchase a dehumidifier. It will reduce the moisture level in the room.
Dehumidifier will absorb all the air and it will squeeze out all the water. You will feel more comfortable with this.

3) Use DPC :-

A DPC is a horizontal barrier in a wall designed to resist the capillary moisture. Due to capillary action water raises from the ground to upper wall. Makes the world soaked and gives an opportunity to mold for their raise.

If your houses ground floor wall is soaking then you must put DPC in your wall to prevent moisture.

4) Avoid putting flower vessels on roof:-

Many times people have a habit of putting flower vessel and other mud pots on the roof directly on roof. At first people will see there is no problem. But after some time they will see their roof will be soaking causing dampness in the wall. It will ultimately worsen the roof & you may need to do again grading.


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