How To Make Buildings More Energy Efficient ?

enbuildingergy efficient

Everyone is concerned about environment , so electronics companies trying to create product which saves energy like energy efficient refrigerator, TV, A/C etc. But when it comes to energy efficient building , no one is aware about it. Even if some people know they don’t want to do extra expenses or they have already constructed buildings and don’t know how to make energy efficient already constructed building.

There is hype all around in govt. Sectors that general people are getting cautious about about what is energy efficient building and how to make it. But in reality there is a little awareness about making energy efficient buildings.

Here we are covering some points to make building energy efficient.

The main energy consumption parts in a home are heating, ventilation, air conditioning.If these can be controlled in a proper way then energy of the building can be saved. Energy efficient building construction consists of two parts. One is during construction and another is after construction.If this will be done before construction then it is better as the post construction part requires less effort.

Making energy efficient building during Construction:-

Wall Construction:-


Wall is the part of house which contains most of the area of house which is exposed to outside environment. Through the wall most of the heat transmission or energy transmission occurs. So while constructing building if we are using material which are thermal resistant or heat resistant then that will be like a bonus point especially like a hot country India. There are many bricks available in market which are heat resistant having a no of benefits. Such as porotherm brick, AAC blocks.

AAC blocks:- 

AAC blocks

AAC blocks are autoclaved aerated blocks, which are lighter than normal bricks, It makes the building temperature less than outside , which ultimately reduces the A/C cost by 30%.
They are also sound proof. They are best in class fire rating of 4 hours. 

Insulating Concrete forms:-

Insulating Concrete forms

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are proprietary modular units in the form of interlocking blocks or panels, made from polystyrene or polyurethane foam and filled with concrete.
Insulated Concrete Form walls act as a thermal barrier, making it possible for buildings and homes to retain heat more effectively.

Porotherm Bricks:-

Porotherm Bricks

Porotherm bricks are perforated clay bricks. They are very good energy efficient material for building construction. Perforation of the bricks create a walling system which facilitates thermal insulation making the rooms warm in winter and cold in summer.

Floor Construction:-

Floor Construction

Floors are directly in contact with soil and human being. So energy is always transferred from soil to human being . The energy depends upon the soil of the area. So flooring has also role to make home energy efficient. Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, cement flooring are good for homes as they are not very cold to feet ,but keeps cool the floors in summer.

Roof insulation:

Roof insulation

Roof is also mostly exposed to sun, making the rooms hot or cold, which ultimately lead to use of electronic devices. So if the roofs are insulated then it can save the energy of the house. There are different type of Insulating materials are available which can be used to make the roof insulated.

Slab or block insulation:-
The blocks are made of mineral wool, cork board, cellular glass, and cellular rubber or saw dust etc. 
Blanket insulation:-
Blanket insulation materials are available in blanket shape or like paper rolls which are directly spread over the wall or ceilings. 
Insulating Boards:-
Insulating boards are made from pulp of wood, cane or other materials.

Doors and Windows:-


Doors and Windows are the path through which most the energy exchange occurs between the environment and house. What ever the room’s temperature i.e mostly affected by the air , heat and cold transmitted through the doors and windows.

There are different type of doors are available in market which can act as thermally insulated barrier between the environment and house.
Such as wooden , fiberglass, UPVC material . But among them fiberglass doors and windows have excellent thermal property. It is better to use these kind of doors to make the house more comfortable energy efficient.

Also there are doors available of mixed category. Such as wood-clad steel doors, which is better even than fiberglass materials.

Ventilating system:-

Ventilating windows

Ventilating system also plays a vital role in maintaining the room’s temperature. In different season the air passes through in different direction which affects the room’s temperature by flowing the air into the house. So consult with an architecture to make the house ‘s ventilation system in such a way that the room’s temperature will be maintained in all season.

Energy saving after construction: 

Rain water harvesting:-

Rain water harvesting

Rain water harvesting is common to every one in their thought of mind, but no one wants to install in their home. But it is necessary to have the rain water harvesting system in your home. Scientists are saying that usable water will not available after some years which can be seen that as many areas in India already facing the problem. What if we have large rooms but we don’t have water to use in future. So it is better to have a rain water harvesting system which will make your house more energy efficient.

Solar panels:-

Solar panels

Solar panels are not new to the world but still people keep away them from using it. Because they thought it as a expense and they are saving their house energy by efficient use of electrical system But that’s not true.
Solar panels are one time expense which makes your house energy efficient by reducing your electricity consumption from govt. Source & using natural source of electricity.

Buying energy efficient equipment:-

energy efficient equipment

Above all we have discussed about indirect way of saving energy, But the direct way of making house energy efficient is using energy efficient equipment which saves a lot of energy. There are many options available in market which you can choose according to your budget. But try to not use old equipment which may cause more energy consumption. 

Colour on Walls:-

white coloured walls

Like every aspect in house colour of room also affect the room’s temperature. So don’t think to choose random colors for your house that can affect your house’s environment . According to research dark colors absorb more heat from sun’s radiation and then transfers it into the house. But light colour radiate the heat away from home making the house more cooler. Example white wall gains 35% less heat than dark walls.

There is a large range of light colour such as light pink, light yellow, light green, light blue, light orange. But many people now a days find the dark colour more fascinating . It’s ok to use dark colour inside the home but try to use lighter colour outside the home.

Use of plants:


Plant are good to have for cooling effect. Try to use plant which can cool down your building’s temperature. For Example Ficus tree, Areca Palm tree, Aloe vera,bamboo trees, deciduous plants can keep your plant more cooler.

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