Adavantages and Disadvantages of Precast Conrete-builtify

Concrete house

Precast concrete are the new age construction solution. Before sometime I was very much eager to made my dream house. I am saving money from long time to made my house. But when it comes to construction of house it takes lot of time due to different reasons and waiting for that is very irritating. Reason may be rainy season, labour not available or material is not available or any absurd reason.

What is Precast Concrete?

  • Precast concrete or concrete slab are casted concrete in a controlled environment within a factory. Then it is taken to the construction site and fitted. It really saves a lot a time. 
  • Precast concrete are prepared by pouring concrete mixtures into wooden or steel moulds with wire mesh or rebar and then dried. Then the mould is removed and the desired structure is obtained.
  • As it is done  through moulds you can get any designs upon these concrete structures.
  • Those days are gone when people use concrete only for their functional purpose. Now in lifestyle focusing society people are more eager to design their houses. So people are interested to have some designs upon the concrete slabs or structures.
  • These precast concretes are reinforced with wire reinforcement or fiber reinforcement when made for building construction, but reinforced with steel cables when made for bridges .
  • These wires and rebars give strength to concrete by providing it required tension.

  • One of the benefit of precast concrete is that you have not to cure after it is installed. As the manufacturing is done within the factory curing is also done within that. so the time for curing also can be saved from the construction schedule.

Advantages of Precast Concrete:

Saves construction time:-

Since it is manufactured in a controlled environment it saves a lot of time. For example when construction happens at site construction work may stop due to rain, or non availability of material or non availability of labour or may be any other reason. But Here within the factory the arrival of such problem is very less.

Quality as per Industry Standard:

As it is fabricated within the factory it’s quality is always maintained. If it is done outside then the quantity of water cement ratio changes varying it’s quality. Also when the concrete is poured sometime the gravel and and liquid get separated reducing the quality of concrete.

Cost effective:- 

When you are constructing large structures of concrete a huge amount of labour is required. And labour cost itself constitutes a huge part of construction cost. If instead of that precast concrete is used then then it will be more cost effective.


As there quality is maintained while manufacturing they are more durable than the in-situ constructed concrete structures. Here rod quality cement quality is maintained and the concrete is manufactured according to the industry standards which gives better durability to concrete structures.


These days are gone when people just want a wall and roof or only safety purpose. But with the increase in income people are focusing on aesthetics of their house. Aesthetics in precast concrete can be well achieved through precast slab. We can pre-order what designs we want in that slab. In in-situ construction it is difficult to achieve aesthetic look.


Transportation cost:-

One of the main disadvantages is of precast concrete is transportation cost. To make them move from factory to construction site huge amount of transportation cost is required. But it is fair as you have to move material from different area to construction site which is a cost to construction. So we can use precast slab. 

Handling Issue:

If there is very little space at construction site then handling of precast concrete is slightly difficult. But everything is manageable if something is needed.


 If you want to change something in precast concrete such as it’s size or aesthetic it can not be change after construction which is same as in case of in-situ construction.

Uses of Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete has a lot of requirements , that's why they have greater popularity. They can be used in buildings bridges or any small extensions.
Precast concrete are used for making slabs which is used for making walls, roofs, facades.

colonial housing:-

When more no  and similar types of house is constructed at a time for any residential project then these precast concrete slabs are very good . They makes the works faster by saving time and making sure the quality of each room made  is equal.

Hospital building:-

 In hospitals we have seen many room sections are required for different purpose. So the contractors need to construct a lot of walls which is very time taking, for this type of construction precast concrete slabs are great to reduce the construction time.

Small retail shopping buildings:-

With increase in income people are moving towards retail concept. So the retail shopping buildings are booming like anything. Many investors invest in constructing these shopping buildings to get rental benefits. But with these precast concrete these retail buildings can be  easily made with less time and also they are good resistant to fires.


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