Advantages and Disadvantages Of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are one of the best flooring materials. The first and Foremost benefit are it can be used for different purposes such as flooring tiles in bathroom, counter tops, living area. It also can be used for wall tiling.

Advantages of Ceramic Tiles:-

Water Resistant:-

Ceramic Tiles are Water resistant therefore they can be used for bathrooms without hesitant. Also in it is good for kitchens.They are very good resistant to humidity and moisture. This is one of the quality which make them good choice option for bathrooms and kitchens.

However the grouts between the tiles may absorb water, which may be a reason of tile installation weakening.


Durability of ceramic tile flooring is very good among the tiles. Ceramic Flooring. They are extremely tough and difficult to crack. They can last for 30 years if maintained well. If there is any crack that tiles can be replaced again.

Easy Maintenance:-

While choosing flooring we care most about it’s maintenance. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean. They just need daily sweeping to remove loose debris. It does not stain easily. Also it can be washed with water. It does not get affected easily by chemicals.


Ceramic tiles are available in great options. You can use one type of tile or mix and match according to your requirement. There are available in both plane designs and printed designs.


They are quite affordable. With less cost price you can get a wide variety of designs and strong flooring.


They are cool to feet. For hot countries they are very good option. But unlike marble they are not so cold which is difficult for children and seniors.


Ceramic tile flooring Installation is very easy. They are not heavy which is easier to handle during installation. Just put the cement mixture on floor and then set the tiles.


They are not soft as laminate flooring but not so hard that it will give pain to feet. It’s hardness is manageable. It’s hardness makes it easy to clean.


  • It is colder in winter seasons.
  • Not suitable for long time standing.


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