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Advantages of Microcement

Microcement advantages are making it popular than other cement. Micro cement or micro concrete is a cement based coating applied on floors and walls. As it has strong bonding power, it can be applied to almost any floors or surfaces. Micro cement is great option for home owners and commercial building owners to find a seamless floor finish.

Micro cement can be used for kitchens, bathrooms,living areas with as it has many variations.

Advantages of Microcement:-

Advantages of Microcement

If you are using for flooring then you can get smooth finished flooring and grout free.

You can get a great variety of colours and textures with the micro cement.


High bonding:- 

Advantages of Microcement

Micro cement are are highly adhesive in nature , which is very good for plastering or the floors made up of with this material lasts for long time. They can be applied to any surface without any difficulty.

Resistance to scratch:-

Micro cement flooring are resistant to scratch that means furniture movement becomes easier within house. You don’t have to worry all the time about floors while doing house chores.


Advantages of microcement

Incase other flooring and walling material such as marble or tile there is a chance of water leaking through walls and floors. And in case of bathroom it is difficult to select a flooring which is best for waterproofing. If you are using micro cement as your flooring material or wall plastering material there is no need to worry about water leakage.

Non slip:-

Advantages of microcement

If you are making floors with microcement they are non slippery.

Easy use:-

Advantages of microcement

When floors are made with micro cement they don’t create debris unlike the marble, tile or any other laminate flooring.

Germ free:- 

Advantages of microcement

They are germ free. As there is no grout nor it is rough so that it can accumulate dust to generate germs.

Easy to clean:-

Advantages of microcement

Floors and walls made up of micro cement are easy to clean,also their maintenance is easy. They don’t need any specific way to clean or maintain.

Does not put extra load:

Micro cement are very lightweight in nature , so they don’t have excess load on structures.


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