Advantages and Disadvantages Porotherm Brick and it's applications.

Like every other industry, the construction industry is growing with the development of technology. Porotherm clay brick is one of them. Porotherm bricks are new-age bricks which advancing the building construction Industry.

Basically, porotherm clay bricks are perforated bricks either horizontally or vertically. They are performing better than normal clay bricks. Previously people are very much sceptical about using or trying new items. But now people are eager to try new material which will benefit them in terms of strength and thermal Insulation.

It is sustainable as it is made up of clay.

Advantages of porotherm brick:- 

One very important component of building construction is the wall which constitutes a half area of it. So it is most important the bricks used in the wall should be of good quality.  The temperature of the rooms of the house depends upon the material used in the construction. If we are using red bricks they will have a different impact such as they keep the house cooler in the hot season and warmer in the cold season. But the cement bricks are hotter in the hot season and colder in the cold season. Also, durability of wall and deadweight of structures is affected by the quality of material. In all these cases porotherm brick has a great role.

Thermal Insulator:- 

Porotherm brick is hollow inside. So they kept air inside after wall construction which acts as a thermal Insulator. The house owner who make wall with this are always find comfortable environment as these bricks act as a very good insulator. It keeps the house warmer in the cold season and colder in the warm season.

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Easy to handle at the site:-

 Porotherm bricks are lighter in nature which is easier to handle by the labourer. As there are chances of breaking bricks at the site due to heavyweight. But there are fewer chances of happening in the case of porotherm bricks.

Improved sound Insulation:- 

These porotherm bricks not only act as a thermal insulator but it is very good sound Insulator which is obtained due to the perforation of the bricks.

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High Compressive strength:- 

We may think that these porotherm bricks are perforated so they can not provide good strength. But that’s not true. They have high compressive strength. They can easily withstand the load of concrete.

Lightweight and faster construction:-

 Due to lightweight construction will be very faster.

Environment friendly:- 

These bricks are made up of clay which is a natural construction material. So they are environment friendly. It has recycled content.

Water absorption:- 

They absorb very less amount of water as compared to the traditional clay bricks.

No cracks:- 

We all want a home which is properly furnished. And this depends upon the quality of construction work. If the good quality raw material is not used then it will lead to crack. In case of the wall, it may be the regular shrinkage crack or structural crack. But this can be avoided by using porotherm bricks. These brick don’t need much water for curing, so when the wall is plastered it is will not absorb much water resulting in no cracks. Also due to high compressive strength, they erect the structure properly and does not create a crack in the structure.

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Construction speed:-

Wall construction speed increases substantially when porotherm bricks are used. This is due to brick lightweight, ease of handling, and elimination of curing time since sand and cement is not needed for the construction of porotherm brick walls.
Additionally, it can be cut and chisel easily which makes fixture installation much easier. Finally, porotherm ensure a clean and dry worksite that is why it leaves no debris to be disposed.

Disadvantages of Porotherm bricks:-

Can not be used in large structures:-

It can not be used in large structure construction. As it's density is less it can not be used for foundation and base slab work where water table is high they would not be able to resist the pressure of water.
It may be exposed to salt attacks due to its water absorption which is about 15% and hence the strength of the structure would be decreased.

Applications of Porotherm Bricks

  • Partition wall
  • Framed structure infill works 
  • Load bearing and non-load bearing wall constructions.


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