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When it comes to painting of interior walls everyone has some biasness regarding choosing colours. But still we look for some Inspiration to choose colours. Thanks to Internet where you can find a thousand of Inspiration. Also many colour company websites are available where you can see your house virtually painted and choose colors according to your requirements. But still you can choose colour and colour patterns for painting your home by taking some Inspiration.

Try Nude colours:-

If you are a person of liking very smooth things or simple life, then you might like nude colours. People think these neutral colours will not give a glam look to your house, but that is wrong concept. Neutral colours  give tough competition to those dark colours. You can use either one neutral colour or stripped one or mix and match colours. Along with that you can choose darker coloured furniture or lighter coloured furniture , because both will go perfect with nude colours.

Take inspiration from nature :-

If you are a big nature lover then you can get inspiration from nature. There are a number of shades available in only green colour. You can choose parrot green, leaf green, Dark green whatever suits you. Also you can take inspiration from sky what we call sky blue. If you are not satisfied with monochromatic colour then you can either go for patterned color or theme paintings. For example you can take 2-3 colour and can create rectangular or triangular or any pattern. Now a days pattern rollers are available by which you can create pattern. And in case of theme paintings you can either draw a scenery inspired by nature. Look at these pictures to get an idea.

Take inspiration from art:-

Different art pieces are available in market. Most of the architects choose colour from art. It is there technique to choose colour. You can also do the same trick. You can go to market and and buy whatever paint work for your wall and then choose the colour by inspiring from them or you can choose contrast colour.

Inspire from fabric Colours:-

 Fabric colours can be a great inspiration for interior colours. Look at the fabrics around you like bed sheets or sofa covers the can give you a best solution. Also many Indian traditional fabrics are there which can give you a great inspiration.

Colour theory:-

Now a days no of colour wheels are available on online sites. You can check different colour combinations to choose colours. From that colour wheel you can find which colour matches to which colour. You can choose different shades of one particular colour which you like most. You can ask the vendor to give a colour shades according to certain percentage. 

Use Undertone colour:-

If you are still confused you can choose a new variety of colour creation that is undertone colour. Undertone colours are like when two colours are mixed together and you get something different colour and the colour will show as much proportion in which it is mixed. For example if you are putting 5% red in white colour and then apply it in your room and after that you will find the wall colour white with a hint of pink i.e called undertone. The only colour which are not used for undertone is red, blue, yellow.

Flow colour:-

Another way of doing colour at your home is you can choose flow colour. Flow colours are very good with neutral colours. This will make your room brighten without windows. Also they make the room more spacious. You can also go for dark flow colour. They will create certain pattern and will be more fun. 

Ask to colour consultant:-

If you are yourself confused then you ask to any colour consultant to give you suggestion. They are very quick to choose colours. They can Instantly give you suggestion by knowing your requirement.

Do testing before colouring:-

Before applying colours directly in your home apply the sample in a wall. Because without sampling the colour if we make a purchase then that will be a great disaster. Skipping this step may be a loss to you. You can see there are large no of paint buckets unused kept in paint store. So it is a necessary step before purchasing colours.

Old style home inspiration:-

Another way of colouring your home is old style rustic colour Inspiration. These modern day brightening colours are very good but still some people want an extraordinary or different theme i.e old or rustic theme. When it is selected with perfect furniture it will be a great selection and can evolve a great colour theme.

Colour Inspired by furniture:-

If you are a furniture lover person then it will be more easier to choose colours for you. There are different coloured furniture are available in market, either you can paint your wall matched with it’s colour or you can contrast with it’s colour. Both option will be very good option.

Colour for children’s room:-

Putting colour in children’s room may be easier or may be difficult. If your children are lover of some cartoon or comic character’s then it will be easier, If they are little grown up like teenagers it is the most difficult work to choose colors for them. Because they are the most confused age group people. Their mind changes a lot. If they love characters then you cant put those characters and it will not need much time to paint it. And for teenagers they may like pink or blue , brown colour.

Wall Mural:-

Wall mural is a type of wall covering that is created with digital print, instead of spreading wallpaper. These wall murals are so much fascinating that people now a days are preferring this rather than colour paints. Through these mural paintings you can enjoy the view you want to all time.

Try virtual colour paint App:-

If you want to instantly check which colour will be best, for your walls then there are many quick ways. Many apps are available for virtual colour painting of walls. You can Install one of them and check the colour there. They offer very realistic colours from which you can guess which will suit it best.


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