How To Make a Room Brighter Without Windows :-

When it comes to room brightening we all suffer some problems. If the room is in ground floor the problem is more. Because in most of the cities there is very little space between the built up area and the boundary.

There are some tricks which you can use to lighten up your room without window or less window.

Colour of walls:-

First and the foremost trick is the colour of walls. You need a little knowledge of colours. As we know a lighter colour reflects more light and darker colour absorbs more light. By keeping this thing on eye choose lighter shades for walls. You can paint the ceiling white and wall lighter shades such as light pink, light yellow, light green etc. They will reflect more light making the room brighter.

Limiting Darker colours:-

Many people are tempted to use darker colours as they want to enhance the look of the rooms. But putting darker colour such as violet, red, blue, green will absorb the light making the room darker. Instead of that, you can use stickers. Many wall stickers are available that can increase the beauty of your wall without decreasing the brightness.

Customized lights:-

Lighting can be the best solution. Customizing light can be done through an electrical contractor. First, call an electrical contractor and show your rooms. Then choose light from the market and consult with the electrical contractor so that you can get the best result. You can put this customized light to brighten your rooms.

Avoid coloured lights:-

Even if you are putting lights to brighten room avoid using coloured lights, instead use white lights. These small things can make a huge difference for room brightening.

Putting glass panels:-

Even if we can not put a window in certain rooms we can use glass panels. They don’t need to open all the time but the room can have access to light all the time. Choose a light coloured glass panel that will brighten the room.

Avoiding darker furniture:-

Furniture also plays a significant role in the feeling of the room. If you are using heavy and dark brown or black coloured furniture then you might feel congested in that room and the lights will get absorbed by that colour. Instead of that you can choose lightweight and light coloured furniture. They will make the room more comfortable increasing its light intensity.


Shelves on the wall should be reduced. If you are a book lover then you have to sacrifice bookshelves to increase the brightness of the room. Also, reduce the number of small accessories or decorative items to make the room more spacious and brighter.


You can replace your wooden doors with glass doors to have an extra amount of light. Natural light can pass through these doors easy to make the room brighter.

Roof Windows:-

Even if you can not put wall windows, you can put roof glass panels or windows.
They will pass the natural light to the room. Try to choose light coloured panels.


If your floor is dark coloured and you want to brighten your room then change it to light coloured flooring. Use light coloured tiles or brightening tiles to make that room brighter.


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