How to Really Achieve a Hypoallergenic Home in Bhubaneswar

In the world where we go or not we need a peaceful environment where we can feel comfort i.e our home. But it feel irritating when we get itchiness or sneezing and the reason we all know is allergen. It is difficult to leave in a allergenic environment. Creating a hypoallergenic home is not that difficult, you can achieve it easily. And especially you have children and older person in your home then it is difficult for you to handle it.

How to Really Achieve a Hypoallergenic Home in Bhubaneswar

And this starts from choosing right quality materials.

Choosing flooring of good quality:-

Different material has different impact on health. Some of the material such as plank, cement flooring, linoleum are very good flooring options.

Oxide cement flooring:-

Oxide cement flooring which is one of the popular flooring of India before some years. But people are now not interested about this flooring. But it is very good hypoallergenic flooring. Along with anti-allergens effect it also gives cooling effect. Maintenance of this floor is also very easy. If you are worrying about it’s look go for polishing of this cement flooring and you will find a great look for your surface.

Hardwood floor:-

Hardwood floor are one of the best option for allergen free flooring. They are very less attachable to dust and debris. Therefore they can’t create allergens easily. Which is one the best quality of hardwood floors. Again they are very long lasting and good for bedrooms and living rooms. There cleaning is very easy and can be done with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Linoleum flooring:-

Linoleum flooring is one of the popular flooring now a days. It is a flooring option that offer softer feeling along with allergen free flooring. It is made up of natural saw dust and linseed oil. It is available in tile, planks and solid sheets.

Colour on Walls:-

Some people have allergy problems due to color. But there is a solution. Now a days allergen free colors are coming which are helpful for asthma patients and children. There are some paints which releases toxic gas off. But try to choose colors which are not evaporating gases.

Things to do for keeping your home allergen free:-

  • Most of the allergen problem occurs in winter season. If we can take care of certain things at this time then we can avoid allergy related problems.
  • Keeping home dry, look if any corner is soaked or not in house. Because that may cause the growth of molds.
  • If you are using carpet then try to clean it on a regular basis.
  • Use dehumidifiers if you feel excess humidity in home.
  • Don’t use indoor plants.
  • Replace the upholstered sofas with leather, wood, or metal furniture.


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