Kota Stone Flooring : Advantages and Disadvantages

kota stone flooring

Kota Stone is a fine-grained variety of limestonefound at Kota. It is a district of Rajasthan.
It is available in different colours, shapes, sizes. The greenish-blue and brown colours of this stone contribute to its popularity. Such as brown, grey, black etc. It is very much used in India especially in Govt. Buildings. It’s hardness, non-porous, shine feature makes it popular to use as flooring. It does not have the finish like marble and tile but still, it provides shine.

It is available in both polished and non-polished form. Also, it can be used indoors and outdoors. IT is great for pathways, driveways, commercial buildings.
kota stone flooring

Characteristics of Kota stone flooring:-

kota stone flooring

Kota stone flooring is very hard, non-porous, non-slippery stone. Also, it is a natural stone. As it is made up of calcium carbonate not resistant to acid.

Advantages of Kota stone flooring:-

kota stone flooring


 In outdoor we need strong floors. For car ways, driveways where we need strong floor along with it we want to maintain the look of that path. In case of another flooring such as concrete, it gets damaged by the time and doesn’t provide any finished looks.
Also for office indoors or home indoors it is a very good option. If you have children in your home then it is the best idea to choose this flooring.


When Kota stone is polished it gives a shiny look.


Kota stone can be finished according to your requirement, square, honed. It can also be cut by both machine and hand. It is available in both marble and tile format and can be set in any flooring pattern.


Kota stone provides very good coolness to feet.


Unlike marble and granite, it does not cost a high price. It is very much cheaper than them.


Its maintenance is very easy as it does not absorb water. So there is no chance that it will be damaged by water. It is an excellent stone for humid regions.

Variants: -

It is available in many colour variants such as grey, black, pink, brown.

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 Though Kota stone shines but it is not lustrous as much as marble and granite.


Unlike marble and granite Kota stone is not available in large sizes, therefore it has many joints.


Kota stone tends to flake, So like marble, if it will be polished at certain intervals then it's shine will be maintained.

Here are a few faqs which people ask 

What is the difference between Kota stone and marble?

- Kota stone is much cheaper than marble and granite, It Looks greenish. Kota stone is way cheaper than marble and granite and it's for heavy use.

How can check Kota stone quality?

The slab shall be of selected quality, hard, sound, dense and homogeneous in texture, free from cracks, decay, weathering and flaws. They shall be hand or machine cut to the required thickness as indicated and they shall be of uniform colour.

How do you clean Kota stone at home?

  1. Wring out and rewet your sponge periodically so you're not just pushing wet dust and grit around.
  2. The best way to clean floors and other large surfaces are to use a wet vacuum with a squeegee attachment. 
  3. Allow your surface to air dry completely after wiping it.

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