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Review ||”Got the best price and service” –Prashant Ratha

"We are happy when the customer is happy" Mr. Prasata Ratha the owner of big G+ 1 house at Patia Bhubaneswar is extremely happy with our service. Don’t trust our word, See what he said directly. Our talented marketing team reached him as he was looking for a modern exterior look for his house. We show him our designs, at first, he wanted just to design his front part of the house. After looking at our designs and price he was so impressed that he signed for the entire house.   Here is the brief what he said in English As he said we delivered him all the uPVC windows within the given time Our installation team did a nice job as there are no gaps and fitting is nice He has ordered 3 types of uPVC windows fixed, sliding, and tilt-turn. Sliding windows are fitted on all the bedroom and linking rooms. Fixed windows are fitted on the staircase where Tilt and turn windows are fitted on the bathrooms. He wanted double glazed glass which is perfect for homes in Bhubane

Which is better: uPVC windows or Aluminium Windows or Wooden Windows?

Nowadays there are a lot of options for windows. It's a good thing yet confuses individuals what is best for their home /commercial place. We can guarantee by the end of the article you will be sure which one to use at your home /office. Wooden Widows – Wood is a widely used material for thousands of years. Wooden windows provide excellent insulation along with lots of color varieties. Wood is environment friendly as it won’t pollute the soil. Pros- - Strong and durable if well maintained can last up to 50 years - Lot of color options available - Lot of designs are available Cons -Termite can damage the wooden windows and frames. -Woods can never be fully waterproof. -Wooden windows are not noise-proof as a small gap is always there. - Needs maintenance every year     Aluminium Windows Aluminum windows have been popular for 20 -30 years in commercial uses. Aluminum provides a modern look to a home or office. It requires a very small area for frames. H

Do UPVC window manufacturers in Bhubaneshwar provide installation services?

  The answer is Yes, UPVC windows manufactures in Bhubaneswar provides installation services but there are some hidden things which you need to consider before buying UPVC windows. There is a huge difference between professional installation and normal/other installation services. Make sure you choose the professional one as it’s a one-time investment. So there must be a question on your mind about how can you identify professional service. Here are some tips to choose a professional UPVC windows service . Cost: UPVC windows cost depends upon many things so don’t get fooled for less price. Here are the factors upon which the cost of the windows and doors depend: No of tracks sliding, glass quality, Gazing of glass, professional technicians, quality of the UPVC, Machines used in fittings.   So you can’t judge by price only, as I said before it’s a one-time investment. If you need some assistance you can also call or send a message to our free consultancy services . Our pro

How to take care of your Windows- Most neglected feature of your home?

  In our day-to-day monotonic work schedule, we forget to give time to our home. Your home badly needs your quality time. Even when you give attention to your walls, roof, furniture's bla bla bla, you tend to forget the most important part of the building. This part sources a fresh gush of wind, light, birds chirping music, and a view of beautiful landscape. This vital source is the most neglected portion of your Sweet Home. From sources of positivity, it becomes sources of Dust, viruses, spider web, and most important weathering. I am talking about Windows- the most important yet neglected part of your home. So how you can take care of your windows? The best answers lie here... 1. Always install low maintenance Windows systems like UPVC WINDOWS OR SYSTEM WINDOWS. 2. Keep the frame clean of dust and wipe off the dust on the glass at regular intervals. 3. Always open your window in the early morning hours. 4. Regularly change the curtains, clean them so that spider

These 10 Fear factors keep you away from building your own house. Which May come true!

  1.  Fear of theft of materials-   From building materials to tools to heavy equipment, construction site theft is an industry-wide epidemic. Theft is very common in Indian construction sites which adds a whole lot of unnecessary extra cost to your budget. 2.  Fear of hidden charges in case labour contractor -   These days’ contractors are increasing cost day by day and this varies from town to town. But there are some contractors’ charge the right prices. We have some of the best and experienced contractors who charge according to the budget all over India. To get free consultancy for building your own house  contact us.   3 . Finding out Materials requirement quantity (Have to depend on labour contractor or mason) If you are not a professional we suggest you not do it by yourself or by your contractor, always take advice from a civil engineer. To get free professional help ask us at   4 . Fear of low labour productivity if day basis wages labours are engaged. Labo

Testimonial || How We changed the looks of Mr. Sunakar Bihari’s House

  “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up – Nelson Mandela” A story of our success which we are grateful to share with readers. Let's start from the beginning: Mr. Sunakar Bihari is a respected citizen and Government employee who has built his dream home At Niladri Vihar, Bhubaneswar. He wanted to give an elegant and modern look to his dream home. As our Brand Name is Popular across all Odisha he came across with us. That's when the story started. As he wanted to give a Modern look to his windows along with saving some space he chose  UPVC windows . After that, we sent our skilled technical team to measure the window spaces of that G+2 Building. We provide customized sizes as we have our factory unlike other companies in Odisha.   Here is what he said after the installation of uPVC windows: Our staff Behavior -  He liked the polite behavior of our staffs. Time-Bound -  As we deliver him products before the time he was impressed. Perfect fitting-  Every window fi