Do UPVC window manufacturers in Bhubaneshwar provide installation services?


The answer is Yes, UPVC windows manufactures in Bhubaneswar provides installation services but there are some hidden things which you need to consider before buying UPVC windows.

There is a huge difference between professional installation and normal/other installation services. Make sure you choose the professional one as it’s a one-time investment. So there must be a question on your mind about how can you identify professional service.

Here are some tips to choose a professional UPVC windows service.


UPVC windows cost depends upon many things so don’t get fooled for less price.

Here are the factors upon which the cost of the windows and doors depend:

No of tracks sliding, glass quality, Gazing of glass, professional technicians, quality of the UPVC, Machines used in fittings.

 So you can’t judge by price only, as I said before it’s a one-time investment. If you need some assistance you can also call or send a message to our free consultancy services.

Our professional UPVC Plant technicians follow the guidelines to make the product the best in India. Our Cost ranges from 380-550 rs. Per sq. ft. (T&C applied)



 Installation of uPVC windows is not an easy task as a small gap can change the looks and comfort of your house. As we make windows after taking the size it fits right in. Unlike other we use Acrylic Silicone which closes all the gap and stops rainwater, dust and it’s also noise-proof.


Screws and welding:

There are different screw for UPVC, if you use a normal screw it will fall off after some years.

There are 2 types of joints on uPVC screw joints and welding joints. If you use screw joints you will find gaps. We provide a welding service that is strong and gap-proof.


Make sure you ask for these factors before you buy uPVC windows. We At builtify follow all the guidelines to make our product is of the best quality. Don’t believe us see it in your eyes. You can visit our site also you can see our client reviews on YouTube.


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