These 10 Fear factors keep you away from building your own house. Which May come true!


1. Fear of theft of materials-

 From building materials to tools to heavy equipment, construction site theft is an industry-wide epidemic. Theft is very common in Indian construction sites which adds a whole lot of unnecessary extra cost to your budget.

2. Fear of hidden charges in case labour contractor -

 These days’ contractors are increasing cost day by day and this varies from town to town. But there are some contractors’ charge the right prices.

We have some of the best and experienced contractors who charge according to the budget all over India. To get free consultancy for building your own house contact us. 

3. Finding out Materials requirement quantity (Have to depend on labour contractor or mason)

If you are not a professional we suggest you not do it by yourself or by your contractor, always take advice from a civil engineer. To get free professional help ask us at 

4. Fear of low labour productivity if day basis wages labours are engaged.

Labour productivity is the most avoided yet most important if you are looking for in-time delivery of the project or saving some money. This is not a one-man’s job you need to hire someone to look after these things.

5. Sourcing cheapest yet quality (branded) Raw Materials

There is a huge price difference from a vendor to vendor. To identify the difference you need to invest a lot of time and patience. Don’t stress over it we have a whole list of vendors on our site for you with an updated price. Check the prices of the materials here.

6. Suspicious activities of labours at the site like creating unhygienic site conditions scattered debris disposal.

  Some things out of the book always stop you from building your own house. Scattered debris disposal is created if you don’t manage the construction properly from the start. It doesn’t look like a major issue at 1st but it can cost you a lot at the end of construction.

7. Site safety hazards and labour brawls at the site.

There are some safety hazards for which you can be penalized by the government also. Make sure you know all the rules. Another thing is labour brawls which creates a mess if you don’t manage and plan well. Most people face this while building their houses.

8. Implementing basic Quality parameters. 

There is this common saying

“You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure. “

 So you need to follow the quality parameters from the star. Talk tour civil engineer for free advice.

9. Low knowledge of engineering drawings and the latest technology implementation by labour team.

There is a huge difference between theory and practice. When it comes to piratical someone with experience can do a better job than a theoretical expert.

 Also, there are some machines by which you can reduce the labour cost by half.

10. Miscellaneous issues -

 There are many laws you have to follow while building your own house, like electrical law (3-phase/Single phase/Wattage/house load), water supply and management (water supply/wastewater management/ hot and cold water management/water pressure).

Apart from this, there are issues like land disputes, labour laws. Taxes while building your own house, so our advice is to Get it done by professionals 


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