How to take care of your Windows- Most neglected feature of your home?


In our day-to-day monotonic work schedule, we forget to give time to our home. Your home badly needs your quality time. Even when you give attention to your walls, roof, furniture's bla bla bla, you tend to forget the most important part of the building. This part sources a fresh gush of wind, light, birds chirping music, and a view of beautiful landscape.

This vital source is the most neglected portion of your Sweet Home. From sources of positivity, it becomes sources of Dust, viruses, spider web, and most important weathering.

I am talking about Windows- the most important yet neglected part of your home.

So how you can take care of your windows?

The best answers lie here...

1. Always install low maintenance Windows systems like UPVC WINDOWS OR SYSTEM WINDOWS.

2. Keep the frame clean of dust and wipe off the dust on the glass at regular intervals.

3. Always open your window in the early morning hours.

4. Regularly change the curtains, clean them so that spider webs don't get room to expand their territory.

5. Clean the drainage point from any waste that jams the outlet point in case of sliding windows, so that drain points don't get clogged with rainwater. 

6. Incase of conventional windows like wood glass composite or Mild steel Windows, apply 2 coats of branded enamel paints every 2-3 years to avoid weathering effect.

7. Keep oiling and greasing the hinges or various critical hardware for the smooth functioning of your windows.

8. Use branded stain remover over photo-chromatic glasses for wiping off the dust to preserve the upper coating of the glass. Use Nano wiper to brush dust over the glass and don't use any steel or rough scrubber over the glass to avoid and scratch over the glass surface.

9. In the case of wooden windows regularly treat them with anti-termite chemicals.

10. Keep your windows tightly closed during extreme wind flow or cyclone to avoid any damage to your windows. For that regularly check and repair critical hardware.


The best solution lies in the first point of our solution series. Use low-maintenance Windows-like UPVC WINDOWS, as you won't need any maintenance for many long years. Even incase of repairs, minor issues may crop up rarely and they are of very low cost. Incase fabricators do provide extended warranty to clients for 10 long years.


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