Review ||”Got the best price and service” –Prashant Ratha

"We are happy when the customer is happy"

Mr. Prasata Ratha the owner of big G+ 1 house at Patia Bhubaneswar is extremely happy with our service. Don’t trust our word, See what he said directly.

Our talented marketing team reached him as he was looking for a modern exterior look for his house. We show him our designs, at first, he wanted just to design his front part of the house. After looking at our designs and price he was so impressed that he signed for the entire house.


Here is the brief what he said in English

As he said we delivered him all the uPVC windows within the given time

Our installation team did a nice job as there are no gaps and fitting is nice

He has ordered 3 types of uPVC windows fixed, sliding, and tilt-turn. Sliding windows are fitted on all the bedroom and linking rooms. Fixed windows are fitted on the staircase where Tilt and turn windows are fitted on the bathrooms.

He wanted double glazed glass which is perfect for homes in Bhubaneswar.


Why he chose UPVC windows for his entire house?

UPVC windows have fire extinguish property which makes them perfectly safe unlike wooden windows.

His house is nearby to the main road so he wanted something to reduce the noise. As uPVC windows are fully noise proof.

It gets hotter in summer and colder in winters so UPVC windows are the ultimate answer to this question. Its double glazing glass and heat-proof UPVC stops the heat to transfer inside the room. So it makes it energy efficient for air conditioners.

UPVC windows if fully waterproof and rot/junk proof. We provide silicon joints that stop every single drop of water.

These are the main reasons why Mr. Prashant Ratha choose us. We are grateful to serve him.

You can contact us to make a free estimation for your house.


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