Which is better: uPVC windows or Aluminium Windows or Wooden Windows?

Nowadays there are a lot of options for windows. It's a good thing yet confuses individuals what is best for their home /commercial place. We can guarantee by the end of the article you will be sure which one to use at your home /office.

Wooden Widows –

Wood is a widely used material for thousands of years. Wooden windows provide excellent insulation along with lots of color varieties. Wood is environment friendly as it won’t pollute the soil.


- Strong and durable if well maintained can last up to 50 years

- Lot of color options available

- Lot of designs are available


-Termite can damage the wooden windows and frames.

-Woods can never be fully waterproof.

-Wooden windows are not noise-proof as a small gap is always there.

- Needs maintenance every year



Aluminium Windows

Aluminum windows have been popular for 20 -30 years in commercial uses. Aluminum provides a modern look to a home or office. It requires a very small area for frames. Here are some pros and cons of aluminium windows and doors.


-Durable – Resistant to corrosion and the elements

-Low-Maintenance – Do not fade or discolor, easy to clean

-Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable and reusable

-Variety of designs available


-Not As energy efficient as uPVC windows

- Have to maintain in 2 3 years by coloring it

- Condensation- Moisture can form inside aluminum frame windows

- Can suffer from Corrosion in case of sea air /saltwater.
- Allow the heat to pass through it.


UPVC windows

UPVC windows are getting popular day by day because of their all-round performance. UPVC windows are cost-effective as well as long-lasting. Here are all benefits and cons of UPVC windows.

Pros –

Low maintenance (Lowest among all the windows) –UPVC windows don’t require any maintenance can be cleaned with a cloth and water.

Highly durable and strong –  UPVC windows are strong and durable. There is also a steel reinforcement inside the windows.


Soundproof and Waterproof- UPVC material is totally waterproof and rotproof. As UPVC is made with multiple layers and the small gaps are sealed with acrylic silicone its can stop up to 50 dB noise. Which makes it energy efficient.


Fire extinguishing property – UPVC Doesn’t burn like wooden windows and it has some fire extinguishing property which makes it 100% safe for your home  and office.




UPVC doesn’t have any cons except its’s costlier sometimes. Although you have to study a slot before choosing a UPVC doors and windows company. 


If you compare All the options, UPVC windows are best . It has only one disadvantage,which is its price. As it's a one-time investment, we would suggest using uPVC windows.

Still, IF you want to use aluminum windows you can contact us at @enquiry@builtify.in.


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