Building a Smart home Exiting adventure. Control everything at your fingertips is everyman’s dream. While some people have a do-it-yourself flair for adding technology to their smart home, others want to stand back and let professionals handle the details. I would suggest leaving it to the professionals.

What are the components you want to add is a big decision which will have an impact on the next five to eight years. There are some components you can change in the future but some of the things like smart switches, smart speakers and Smart locks will be hard to change as these will be fixed to their respective places.

 Here is the list of smart Systems/gadgets you can add to your home.

Light Control- 

Light control is the easiest and the most beautiful part of your smart home. There are a lot of light brands in India that are selling smart lights with user-friendly software. You can change the color of the lights as well as timings with your smartphone. The most interesting fact about smart lights is they can even sync with the music, make sure you choose the lights with all these features.

Window Control-

Window control is a bit tricky because it requires a lot of sensors and motors and all the windows have different sizes. There is a huge chance you need to change your windows if you are using old conventional windows(if you are using UPVC windows no need to worry). There is also an option for smart curtains. Feel Free to contact us for more info.


Air Condition-

Air Condition is a necessary element of our home, but it consumes a lot of energy. To use it efficiently smart ac is required. Smart ac can turn on and off according to the room temperature and humidity. These features are available is now a day in most split ACs. In the case of central air conditioners, some smart components need to fit with ACs. The device is called a thermostat.

Lock System Control-

This is the most useful system and most necessary system in a smart home. But for a smart locking system, you need to change the total doorknobs and window knobs. There are 2 types of smart locks available in the market which are touch screens and keypads. You can control these using your smartphones as the locks are connected to Wi-Fi. The locks can be controlled from anywhere in the world through the internet.

Speaker Control & AI System –

Nowadays we all have very little time and we don’t get plenty of time to listen to music or podcasts. Smart speakers can solve your problems. You can listen to music in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. It will be a pleasant experience when the lights will synchronize with the music.

            There are some places or times you need hands-free operations. (Kitchen, bathroom, or if you don’t want to get out of your cozy bed.) For your sheer comfort, there are smart AI systems like Amazon Alexa or Google assistants. For choosing the right AI system you need in-depth research and analysis.

Fire Safety (Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector)-

Safety should be your number one priority and whether you have an old or new home you should add this to your house. This smart device senses carbon monoxide and smoke and turns on the fire extinguishing service/ water sprinkler system and controls the fire from spreading.

Switch Boards-

There are two types of switchboards which are smart switches or smart tabs. These both have some advantages over both. Smart tabs are a little expensive but have a camera and more flexible, where smart switches have both mechanical and wireless controls but they have fewer features. I will recommend using smart switches over the tab as it will save a lot of money.

 Smart Floor Cleaner and a Lawnmower –  

Floor cleaning by you can be hectic and time-consuming. A smart floor cleaner is a smart device that has different types of operations like wiping, vacuum cleaning. When you have a pet or kid at your house this can do your job easily.

  Conventional lawnmowers emit a lot of carbon dioxide and require a lot of energy. Where smart lawnmowers work on electricity. Don’t worry these are waterproof and they return to their charging docs automatically.

Solar Panels – 


 As you are building a smart home it will consume a lot of energy and there are so many electrical problems that can happen in your area. So the best solution is solar panels. Solar panels can be costly but the amount of money it will be saved will be higher than your normal electric bill charged in a year.



As Every system will be connected to Wi-Fi for operation it is the most essential service for a homeWithout Wi-Fi, you can do a single Operation remotely. So not all of the router's signal will reach every corner of your house so you need high-speed internet as well as a powerful router.

Apart from these, you can also connect Smart Irrigation system which can be helpful for your beautiful lawn. These are the smart systems you have to install in your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Renovate your old home into a smart home today. Contact us to get a free estimate Of your Home Renovation.



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