Very few people know about these compromises even though they do it every time. Let’s take a quick run that every middle-class house owner face while constructing their dream house.

1.    Wait, Wait and Wait

Someone has said it right “Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off”. Bitter yet True. This is the biggest ever compromise a Home Owner has to make while constructing a house. You need to keep patience while getting the right plot of land, then you follow up with the legal formalities of generating a Homestead certified Patta of the land. The misery doesn’t end here, further, you need to apply and wait for at least 3-5 months to get your building plan approval. None of the Government compliances are easy to handle. Then you have to run to your Building Consultant in getting the best of the Building Drawing. If everything goes right you will be stuck with the estimation process as it has to fit your budget. Again if it’s out of your savings then you have to run after the loan managers to get your work done. It’s never easy and then the toughest part is the complex process of building construction. First you need to be patient in the process of negotiating with various contractors and then you have to put all your money on it. Even nothing goes as per plan as you have to still wait, wait and wait as the committed duration of the project get delayed.

2.  Life Security 

As we head into the construction activities, your mental state gets haywire. You have to deal with cash that to lots of cash for paying out to the labor contractor or labors directly and various material vendors to save tax. In such dealings, you get noticed by various sections of people who keep a bad eye on you. You may become victimized by loot, theft, etc. Moreover, local people ask for ransom against security at the worksite. They always threaten you in various ways. Even though after such claims and threats you remain headstrong and continue the work. It’s like you don’t bother with the unforeseen circumstances that may arrive in your life. Here you take a major compromise for your life security. As a middle-income group person, you cannot afford 24/7 bodyguard to provide you security. So, you have to remove aside such threats and move ahead to complete your dream house project.

3.    Trust the unknown 

As you decide to gift the house construction project to a Contractor you have good terms with, you enter into a trust agreement with a bunch of unknown people. You can neither have their verification, background and skill set checked. They can be involved in theft activities in their previous work site or lack the basic skill set for working in a construction site. Even their unsafe activities can create severe damage to your work in progress. You don’t have any other way out rather trust the Unknown. 

4.    Throw away money on nowhere

Such a joke can happen to you every time you are entering into a construction activity. It can be in form of an unverified Contactor Bill of Material Statement Bills or daily wages labor reports. It can happen every time if you are not vigilant enough. Without taking a deep dig into your mathematical or analytical abilities a contractor can always manipulate you in paying extra amount. Being alert and vigilant you must always be ready to take this Joke very seriously as you are throwing away your hard earned money on nowhere.

5.    Family Time

You are a busy man otherwise, you cannot collect the money to build in your home. So as you are busy, you won’t be able to grab the time to visit your dream house project in the weekdays. By default, you can spare time on weekends only. Unfortunately, a standard human being gets time on Weekends for his or her family. Now you have to ask this special question, family or work site. Definitely, you will choose the work site as you would have scheduled RCC casting on the same date. Now you may think of giving your evening to your family, here comes the twist, you get exhausted and would love to take a rest rather than spending an evening in Mc D or KFC’s. This is the biggest ever compromise that a Family Man/ woman has to take. 

6.    Grey Areas

Our entire life we are in search of quality and class. Such hunger for quality can never be compromised but guess what, even that is compromised. In a Building Construction Works Grey Areas are those quality mistakes that wreck your nerves all the time. Such Grey Areas can be Slope Issues, Honeycombs, various types of Cracks, RCC part omissions, and many more uncountable and unquantifiable mistakes. Such construction quality issues may come up due to lack of skilled workmen, workmen errors; material sub stranded quality, and natural causes. Such errors are inevitable. Even though you are 100% Vigilant about the quality, you cannot get it right every time. Some issues will crop up after you take possession of the house. Such effects can come due to soil consolidation, rise in the water table, and other natural incidents. So mentally be prepared to handle such Grey Areas that will always move on your head. 

7.    Do as your Mason’s Like

This is such a compromise which is done by every House Owner, still, none of them repent on it. In a survey conducted in the name of Post Occupancy Evaluation of House Owners, it was found that 90% of them would do as the Mason guides them is right. Even they secretly take the guidance of the Mason in the absence of a contractor or supervisor. It is because they trust this person’s skill set and he is the end executioner. If he is happy he will execute it right. But the real test comes when your 3D Exterior View looks get compromised by your Mason’s terms and conditions. 

8.    Expectation 

Well, you will get the answer after the completion of the construction of your house. You can always compare the compromises you have done versus the final output. As a house owner you have lots of expectations but at what cost. You can always rate whether it was worth it or not. Here comes the real picture Reality Versus Expectation. It’s obvious that your expectation gets compromised as you expected something and the reality came out as something else.

If you don’t want to compromise any of the above points then always search for verified vendors. You can always get them at www.builtify.in sorting out any construction services and at selected City locations. 


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