How to avoid cracks on the wall? Simple wall crack repair solutions for you.

According to experts’ appearance of cracks on the wall of a new home is called “settling.” The walls of newly constructed homes could contain high levels of moisture and this could result in thin cracks appearing. It can also form slowly over some time since the home has been exposed to different levels of humidity and temperature.

Besides the home’s natural wear and tear, cracks on walls could be the result of simply a bad paint job (or a bad quality paint) as well. Another reason could be a hidden water leak that’s causing your walls to get damaged. Impatience during plasterwork also can


Structural damage vs hairline cracks

If you the, not an expert in construction you may ask “how to identify structural damage vs Hairline crack. A good indicator of structural damage is looking at how long and large the crack on the wall is. If it is substantial (more than 1.5 inches wide), and the crack persists even after numerous repair jobs, or you have difficulty closing your windows and doors, it might signal a structural problem. At this stage, it is best to rope in a professional to assess the situation and handle the job for you.

Non-structural cracks—hairline cracks—however, are more common in most homes and are sometimes unavoidable. They tend to surface near windows and doors and can appear due to a variety of reasons.

Identifying the cause and learning how to repair the crack properly can help you avoid similar situations in the future.

How to repair the cracks on walls

Now that you can identify which type of crack let's solve the problem of Hairline crack. If you see a hairline crack don’t panic because it can be solved by DIY techniques.

It may seem a little odd to you but 1st you have to make the cracks deeper and bigger using (using a scraper, screwdriver or utility knife). This will clear the loose concrete, paint, debris or old filler. Then Brush or use a vacuumed cleaner to clear the dust which will help to fill the solution stick strongly.

 After that fill the crack with a joint solution/ Compound by making sure that it covers all over the crack. Now even out the surface with the scraper and leave it for a day or two.

(Don’t rush the processes)


Once the surface is fully dried use sandpaper (Putty sand Paper) to make it smooth and more even. Then apply 2 coats of paint and make sure the 1st coat is fully dried before applying the 2nd coat.

 This will cover your hairline cracks on the wall and it will last as long as the wall.

 “Now if you have structural damage that deserves attention if professional immediately.” Here are some experts you can contact for your crack fixed.


There are few other solutions for Hairline Cracks on the wall

In some cases, the cracks are very small yet visible and you don’t want to do the paint job again. In that case, you can cover the cracks with existing wallpapers or arts. Hanging your favorite paints is the cheapest way to hide the cracks on the wall. 


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