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Today’s topic is about clarity of mind. As human Beings our nature stands confused and sensitive about lots of things around us. Same thing we follow when we plan for constructing our own house. You have a series of conflict of opinions with your family members to finalize your Dream Home Blueprints. Research says 90% of the home owners get into the complex process of building construction in an unplanned manner. Consequences of it are very bad experiences with your contractor. A well experienced and good contractor always understands his client’s psychology, the same you check out his professionalism. Here is a famous quote by Mr. Norman Ralph Augustine-

“The process of competitively selecting contractors to perform work is based on a system of rewards and penalties, all distributed randomly.”

So, how you will decide these rewards and penalties, when you are yourself not clear about the works to be performed. Many times you start arguing in front of your contractor for silly thing. Sometimes you ask a very unpractical stuff to deal with, which your contractor evaluates your know how of the matter. This way he starts taking advantage of the scene. Let us put some clear thoughts on how you can get clarity for the works to do before finalizing a contractor.

1.Discuss with your family in a closed room

Yes, your family discussion should be very private. It should not be done in front of your consultant or your contractor. Complete all your arguments, discussions and provisions in a single take and complete you’re to do list as discussed in the subsequent points.

2.Shall I hire a Consultant? : 

Yes you must appoint a consultant to avoid all such clarity conflicts that may crop up in the process of your building construction. There is no questioning this decision of yours. Guess what you will never regret this decision. A building consultant can be a person with at least 5 years of professional and practical experience in Building Construction. He or she can be an Architect, Civil Engineer & M. Tech in Structure.

3.Consultant’s to-do-list
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Get through the points in your consultant to-do-list.

a)   Consultant’s Scope: Conceptual Plan, Floor Plans, Working Drawings, structural Detailing of all RCC members, elevation plan, 3D exterior View, BOQ, BBS and Estimate. Interior Designer can be added to scope if you feel required.

b)   No. of Floors with each floor purpose and no. of rooms must be clearly documented. Like in case you little or no space then you can have stilt floor in place of ground floor for parking of vehicles.

c)   Soil Test confirmation should be clarified. Follow a DIY activity (in our next Blog) to clarify your doubt.

d)   Structural Design must be clearly figured out with future scopes and plans. This must be clearly told to your consultant.   

e)   Building Plan Approval is an important call to take in case your building comes under a development or municipality jurisdiction then get it done compulsorily. Otherwise, you have to pay a greater price in form of a penalty. Also, follow the approved Building Plan norms to avoid future issues.

f)     Consultant’s various charges must be allocated beforehand, as compromising with it may become dearer to you. Also, keep the provision of site visit charges to counter your Contractor’s Quality of work.

g)   Never fall prey of taking Contractor’s reference from your Architect as you may shed extra amount in form of commission. Professional Architect will never give you suggestions of their favorite Contractors. At Builtify you get an open source of various contractors, servicemen, technicians. You can call them and get your work done. 

a)   technicians. You can call them and get your work done. 

4.Contractor’s To-do-list

Get through various points to check out before finalizing your contractor.

a)   Estimate Type: Decide the estimate type i.e Item Rate Estimate or covered Area estimate. Here the best and flexible way of getting your work done is Item Rate Estimate. Even various PWD, CPWD, and railway tenders are estimated in Item Rate Basis only. Due to your lack of know-how you either pay extra in Covered Area Estimates or your contractor leave you in the mid of work due to wrongly quoted covered area rates. This has been already covered in our last blog. 

b)   Be very clear about your budget. There is no way you can hide your budget.

c)   Don’t forcibly add more and more points to the same quoted value.

Rest Points we have already discussed in our last Blogs. By Now we guess you must have been clear in your vision and you can go ahead with your complex process of building Construction.    


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