We require from buildings two kinds of goodness: first, doing their practical duty well: then that they are graceful and pleasing in doing it.” – John Ruskin

Now you cannot expect the same type of goodness from your building Contractor. The major reason being he works hard for his own living, while a building lives for generations to come that too without any expectation from you.

Now in this complex process of Building construction a contractor takes a supreme role. Let’s try to understand, what a building contractor does exactly:

1.    Mobilize workmen and other resources at site

2.    Provide workmen basic amenities for residing at or nearby site

3.    Manage workmen activities at site

4.    Handle building Execution at site

5.    Understand and interpret Drawings and design detailing

6.    Plans the project schedule

7.    Prepare the daily workmen work’s report

8.    Prepare various types of measurement bills

9.    Check and comply various quality issues at work site

10. Responsible for overall safety and security of site.

Now as you know the 10 basic responsibilities of a building contractor, you must be thinking he’s a Superman. But research says 90% of building construction client looks at a contractor in a very suspicious way. Also, the same research says 1 in every 10 contractors ditch the work in the mid-way and run away. Once the work is left over by the existing building contractor it’s difficult to restart the work with new sets of the team.

So let’s quickly run through various reasons why a building Contractor cheats you in the mid of the work. So that you wouldn’t do the same mistake that other building construction clients do.

1.    Informal Contract Agreement: Yes, we forget this very formal activity which needs to be done while starting work. A full-proof contract agreement is a wise decision.

2.    Behavior: Your behavior is the most important reason which forces a building contractor to ditch you in the mid of the work. As human beings, we need to keep a very polite and gentle approach towards a building Contractor. In case you are rude and stubborn, you may face wrath anytime sooner or later.

3.    Forcing extra works in the existing Quoted Value: This happens all the time. There’s a famous quote “Yeh Dil Mange More”. The same way as a client we expect a lot from our building contractor. We keep on pouring more and more extra value works in the value quoted already, that too out of the scope of the contract. The contractor remains in a very confusing state either to accept or to refuse and if he doesn’t find a way he quits midway.

4.    Prepayment before the work completion: Never ever pre-pay the entire project value amount before the project completion. Greed has no humanity. Even your contract agreement cannot save you legally.

5.    Work Load Pressure with deadline fear: Whenever a building contractor is dealing with multiple projects he has to manage the project timeline very efficiently. Due to a lack of project management knowledge, a contractor fails to stand by his deadline commitment. In fear of liquidity damages provisions of a Contract Agreement, a contractor prefers quitting midway rather than continue and suffer the agreement caused losses. Preferably a contract agreement can be made lenient by a client if the quality part of the contractor is good and you don’t face any financial losses due to it.   

6.    Raw Materials Price Inflation by 3%: This is a very genuine issue which neither the building contractor is responsible nor the client is. Unfortunately, a client has to bear the escalation value of the raw material. But sometimes clients get stubborn and rigid to accept this sudden price rise. Here the building contractor has no other way. Either you get convinced or he has to quit.

7.    Safety hazard at the site: This is a very uncommon problem, but sometimes the safety hazard is so critical that your contractor has no options left. Either you fire him away or he gets trapped in his own legal battle. Either way, your work stops.

8.    Estimation Error or miscalculation: This is a quite common mistake that a building contractor does many times and unable to convince the client for a revision in Quoted Value, forced to quit the job midway.

9.    Quality Failure: It can be a product failure or workmanship error that caused a quality error which is irreversible and a costly affair. The building contractor incurs huge losses as the client denies paying for the mistakes of the building contractor. Such cases are too complicated to find a solution with. A client needs to be associated with the work or appoints an expert on his or her behalf to control such quality issues.

10. Unforeseen Circumstances: This can be anything, starting from legal conflicts on land to natural disasters. Such unforeseen circumstances must be countered by the client in the contract clause properly. A client can always take insurance for the construction work along with the building Contractor. In case such an error happens then they can take help from such insurance companies to compensate each other’s losses.

As you have gone through these points, remain careful and don’t get cheated. Do provide your valuable feedback or suggestions to improve our Blog Page. We also a list of building contractors which you can choose based on their reviews 


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