Save around Rs 50000/- in form of consultancy fees before Building Your Home


Building Consultant visit charges Rs 5000/- per visit

Soil Test Rs 35000/- Approx

Land demarcation and survey Rs 10000/- Per day

You can save this …

Want to know how?

Sit tight…




a. If you are constructing your home from scratch.

b. Your land must be clearly demarcated by a local admin/land revenue inspector.

c. Level up your land equality.


If this is your plot…

i.                    Take measurement of approach road width.

ii.                  In your mobile smartphone compass checks the site to the road-facing direction. Take a snapshot of the same by standing in the center of your land and face to the road.

Find out approximate NGL & Road level difference using thread, Rods/Regs & right-angle triangle. 

STEP -2 



a. Boundry corners must be well-bounded

b. Plot must be leveled up equally.


i.                    Take measurement of all the sides of the plot.

ii.                  Take measurement of both the diagonals of the plot.

iii.                Figure out at least one perpendicular angle while considering the plot for getting the plot in proper shape.




i.                    If the land is located in a damp location. Or any large water body is located nearby then better would be to consider a site soil test for finding out the soil bearing capacity.

ii.                  Check foundation works of nearby construction site you may get the soil inspection report done by them.

iii.                Site technique is far cheaper and easy to understand …

Take a steel rod of die 16mm or more and length 5’ – 6’ long with chisel shape in front..

You also need a ball pin hammer of  5 kg weight.

Strike the rod perpendicular to the land.

If the rod inserts easily inside the earth in 2-3 blows then the soil strata is loose.

The SBC Must below as well.

A soil test is highly recommended for such soil condition for designing the foundation.


If the rod inserts inside the earth surface after 25-35 blows then soil condition is moderate. Soil test is not recommended.

If the rod doesn’t insert inside the earth then the strata is too hard and you may need digging equipment while foundation works.


You are recommended to this activity in numerous places of your plot to check the soil condition.


After this you may go ahead and fill up this inspection form/checklist of site inspection for construction works.


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