Figure out this popular quote by Thomas Hobbes-

“The value of all the things contracted for, is measured by the appetite of the contractors, and therefore the just value is that which they are contented to give”.

Every contractor has a given skill set and quality. It’s up to you how you can trace it and get him for work. Now your relative has introduced you this Mr. XYZ, A hardcore Building Contractor by profession. You admire this relative and don’t know how to interrogate and negotiate the price with his or her Candidate. Maybe your relative may feel bad about it. Here is a real conflict situation even though you know the tricks you are puzzled about and feel shy to either discard or forget the consequences and go with your relative’s Blue-eyed Boy. In our previous blog, we shared with you 10tricks on finalizing a contractor.  

But it seems you are still confused and looking out hopeless in search of a contractor. Let’s make it easy for you. Let’s understand the parameters to judge your contractor on basis of reference or performance. These tricks can help you play safe and bring you in a win-win situation.

1.    Clarity:

      First be very clear in getting all the scattered points at one place. Finalize your drawings, estimates, Contract type (With or without material), Financial Budget Plan, etc. You can check out our Blog to get more details on how to get clarity before starting construction work.

2.  Skillset:

      Measure and compare a contractor’s skills by this simple trick. Ask for a site visit and evaluate how he is taking up the points mentioned in our last blog Field visits by consultants, how important it is? In case your contractor can ask those questions and note those Consultants’ Points of concern then he is your right candidate.

3. Scan Previous Works: 

      This is a must activity to get a very clear picture of your contractor. Do take a compulsory round-up visit 3-4 of his existing and previous projects. Check out his quality standards by looking across the Wall Alignment, Cracks in Walls, Plaster finishing, etc

4.   Value for Time:

     You can test your contractor’s punctuality by scheduling an in-person visit to your home or a neutral location. Check out which contractor is coming at your given time.

5.  Value for Small Work: 

     This is the most effective way of valuing a contractor’s passion for his work. Give a very small work, it can be anything like a small painting job, a Grill fixing job, a Boundary wall, etc. Now, who does it better takes away the contract in his name.

6.   Actual Need:

      In case all your contractors are on the same page till the fifth point, then you can count the No. of Existing Works with a site visit round-up confirmation. The more works mean, the busier is your contractor. The less number of works means your contractor can handle your project preferably and give more of his quality time at your site.

These powerful psychological game plans are well tried and tested in all types of situations. These are the most effective tricks to finalize your contractor.


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