What is the construction cost of a house in my city?


As human beings, having a roof over our heads is a very basic requirement that we ponder upon. A home we build satisfies our comfort, authority, and Pride for Generations to come. This is your lifetime goal, so when you invest your hard-earned money on it, you feel confused and insecure. So this is why you are obsessed with this very question; What is the construction cost of a house In my city?

Well, it depends on how want to calculate it.

1. Item Rate Estimate

2. Covered Area Estimate

Again here comes the famous question, that a Building Contractor is always asked.


Bhaiya apka Per Sqft construction cost Kya hai? (What is the charge per sqft. )

This question by God steals the show every time. Before a Contractor could pitch in, this question genuinely hits pretty bad to the next follow-up action. Once he tells you the rate/sqft you say umm ok and shuts off the phone.


So let us answer your favorite question. Here you roughly need Rs. 1400-1600/Roof Area in Sqft for a Duplex Construction. This construction cost varies in many cases. To be more accurate we need to understand various cases and conditions. This is why a contractor always asks for a site visit.

Let’s understand those conditions:

1. Plinth Top Level from Existing Ground Level

2. Soil Condition,

3. No. of Floors

4. Access Road to the location

5. Building Drawing Constraints

6. Finishing Materials


All these conditions are equally important to land at a specific price. Still considering idle conditions i.e.

1. Plinth Level at 2’ height from a leveled Ground Surface

2. Standard Soil Conditions (Good for Manual Excavation, Not Clayey or Sandy or Silty or Rocky)

3. Two floors with HeadRoom

4. At least 30’ Access Road en-route to the plot and space available for raw material storage.

5. Provisions of Standard Room Sizes with wide Open Area in the central portion of the House. Structural detailing as per 2 Floors only.

6. Finishing Materials as per Standard Medium Category Branded Items.


In such conditions, the per sqft rate shall be Rs. 1500/Roof Area in Sqft.

Let's further break it up…

Core House Structure (Excavation, PCC, RCC, Shuttering, Reinforcement, Plastering) - Rs. 800/Roof Area in Sqft


Finishing (Flooring Tiles, Bathroom Wall Tiles, Granite Kitchen Counter Top, Painting, Door, Windows, Grills, Gates, Railings, Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitary) - Rs 700/Roof Area in Sqft


Things that get Excluded from the basic costing part


Water Sump (Size- 8’ X 8’ X 6’)- Rs. 50,000 Lumpsum

Septic Tank ((Size- 8’ X 8’ X 6’)- Rs. 55,000 Lumpsum

Borewell- Varies Location wise

Interior Works- That’s again a different story


If you go for item rate basis then its quite accurate but you need an experienced consultant to get the BOQ done for you. BOQ- Bill of Quantities. Form the above explanation you can calculate construction cost easily. If there is any doubt do let us know in the comments



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